Wednesday, June 19, 2024

More Weather and a House

The weather is/has improved.  Monday and Tuesday were sucking the life force out of me, it was so grisly and it's cold in the house, and so I am cold, which makes me tired.  Until today, I've been wearing socks in the house, which is just sad.

Monday we did a short walk up the big hill.  I bailed earlier than usual because (wait for it) I was cold.  We did see a marmot residence on the way back down.  There is a trail to his lair.  If you look really hard, you can see the pile of marmot poop outside of the opening.  The mouth to his house is at the top right of the photo.

Later it did this.  There was thunder and lightning.  It did it again Tuesday.  Look at the water piling up in the street.  We do have storm sewers, they're overwhelmed.

Today, the sun came out.  We rode to the lake.  It was a chilly ride, but it was good to be outside and moving.  As much as I like the rowing machine, outside is better.

See the yellow streak on the water?  The milfoil is starting to bloom.

Friday we are leaving for Tucson.  Apparently we have bought a house. It does need a new roof, the current owner has taken the cost of a new one off the purchase price.  It does not appear that she is leaving all of her fabulous furniture and art.  I don't blame her, she has some nice things that would be hard to replace.  My plan is to print out photos, and buy cheap frames at Michaels and hang them up.  I thought about printing to canvas, but after pricing them, decided that would cost way too much money.  There may be a trip to Ikea in the fall, they have gone back to selling frames and framed art, so maybe we'll find stuff there.  I'm going to order this to use as a laptop and phone charging station, and to put stuff in it.  It's metal, I like it, it's cheerful. 

We are not looking forward to the drive, or the heat in Tucson, but there you go.  And there we go.


  1. Why don't you guys fly? Just curious.

    1. We're going to need a vehicle to get places and haul stuff out of the shed that will require a trailer. Rental car availability is still iffy and very expensive and they won't let you tow anything. Plus, 95% of airplanes' holding tanks that are tested for Covid are positive. Not to mention we're taking the mountain bikes, folding chairs, bike helmets and shoes and etc. etc. We truly do not know how to travel light. So, driving, onerous as it is, is pretty much the option available.

  2. why not buy some actual art, support an artist? I have a lot of original art that I've gotten for $400 or less, mostly less.

  3. A woman after my own heart - I abhor wearing socks after the first of April. However, it has been so chilly here the last few days I've been wearing socks and turning the furnace on in the morning to take the chill off. 58/59F is just too cool for indoor temps!
    Congrats on the purchase in Tucson. Good negotiating to get the previous owner to pay for the roof.

  4. Congratulations and have a safe trip! Maybe we'll pass you......we're on the way up to Spokane!

  5. 37P—that orange cabinet has character, nice piece. Congrats on the house!

  6. 5 am and it's 91 degrees. Just a warning. But I still like this better than being cold. Don't like the haboob from New Mexico though. The air is yucky. Safe travels and congrats on the house.

  7. Have a good drive. We also had rain and chilly temperatures until just a few days ago. Today was darn near perfect, though!

  8. I've had good success with ordering giclee canvas prints on I wait until they have a 50-60% off sale with free shipping. It's very reasonable, and they have all kinds of artwork in a variety of styles and colors; I can get lost on that site. Sorry about the furniture but congratulations!