Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Scenery and Handy People

Today was an early hike.  Could have left a little earlier!  It's not actually that hot, we're just no longer acclimated.  The skies were really clear, which is weird given how windy it was yesterday.  Here is some desert beauty.  The desert is still eerily green.

The ocotillos are having a banner year.  Rain has made them plump and luscious.

Happy brittle bushes.

Today we got rid of the dead TV.  A different handy man from Thumbtack came out and did it.  Took him about 15 minutes.  He does many things, so we can call him next fall.  Part of the shed floor is showing a lot of water damage, he says no problem to cut it out and put new.  For the unhandy, such as ourselves, a good handy man is a treasure beyond rubies. 

Before - the great wall of television screens.


Today was the second day of the Stormy Daniels trial, otherwise known as election interference.  It's not about hush money, it's him tampering with people's perception of him to win the presidency.  Apparently he doesn't find it all that interesting, because he keeps falling asleep.

We should start calling him Sleepy Don.


  1. The desert looks so lovely. I'll take some of the heat you're having as there is snow (again!) in the forecast. It won't last as the temps will be above freezing, but I still want it to disappear for the next 7 months or so.
    Even in sleep, IQ45 is a pompous ass.

  2. I've seen him called the Nodfather and Don Snoreleon. how anyone can think that this guy has the focus to be president is beyond me.

    I love your desert photos. Haven't been out to the desert since I stopped doing the river guide thing.

  3. I like the Nodfather. Sadly, I am not much different when someone makes me sit in a chair for a long time, especially after lunch. I used to wonder why my mum always fell asleep sitting up and now I understand.

    I love seeing the desert in bloom, it's so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful desert.
    Awful orange one

  5. I thought camera were banned in the court room. How did we get that picture?

  6. Can you believe how much the right-wingers would be raging if that were Joe Biden falling asleep? They'd be going on and on about his dementia. But on Trump -- silence.

    1. (I should have put that "dementia" in quotes.)