Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Flying Monkeys and Foliage

The 162nd Air National Guard Fight Wing is flying today.  At the beginning, you can barely make out the F16 in the lower part of the screen, then I lost him.  We're on their flight path for departures and arrivals.

Today, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the 1864 law that was put in place before AZ was even a state could be enforced now that Roe is over turned.  That would be the law that contains exactly one exception, health of the mother.  Previously, abortion in AZ was legal until 15 weeks.  That's a stupid law as well, but less stupid than the old law.  It's now a felony punishable by two to five years in prison for anyone who performs or helps a woman obtain one.  I really hate these people.  Abortion will most likely be on the ballot in November, there is an organization whose name I forgot who has collected 500,000 signatures to make it so.  Politicians in AZ remind me of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

Recent losses for the Orange Menace:  Judge Cannon (stolen documents case) ruled that witnesses names won't be published.  The  $175M bond to hold off asset seizures is not accepted, it contains language that the bond won't pay anything.  Did they think no one would notice?  The Stormy Daniels trial appears to be going forward on the 15th, despite his best efforts to delay.  Stormy is a criminal case, he has to be there in person four days a week.  Surely, he'll lose something, sometime.

Yesterday was the eclipse.  It was sort of a non-event here.  The sun darkened slightly, but not a lot.  Our neighbor had glasses, so we went out and looked briefly.  Then I came in and read about all the fake glasses there are on the market, and wondered if we'd wake up with burned retinas.  That's the last one for my lifetime. 

Then we set out for a ride into a vigorous head wind.  It was out of the north.  The wind here has an uncanny ability to switch directions in the afternoon, so head wind going out does not guarantee tail wind coming back.  We did not dawdle on the ride, having to fight the wind in both directions would have been bad.  Here is the back of Jim's head at Christopher Columbus park.  There were nice clouds.

The mallows are just lovely this year.  They're huge, they're everywhere.

Today Jim washed the bikes, I dried the bikes and then he lubricated the bikes.  At present I am waiting for a handy person I found on Thumbtack, a handy man website.  Thus far he has been a total flake, not returning calls, and etc.  He is now one hour late.  I guess the old TV (which is dead) will continue hanging on the wall, and the new one will continue sitting on a console table a little longer.  We have no idea how to de-install or install a wall mounted television, so a new handy man will have to be found.  I know, first world problems.  I was really hoping to get this done before departure.
Update to post:  The handy person never showed up, never called.  Nothing.

Really, I do not have much of anything to say.  OK, here is some desert beauty from two days ago.


  1. Good lord, are there no people with a bit of humanity left in them on these Supreme Courts? As for IQ45, I do hope he is finally facing a fitting fate.
    We supposedly had 50% of the eclipse but I was busy and didn't notice. I may have been more excited, had I been closer to the totality zone.
    Good luck with the handyman situation. I know they are hard to find.

  2. When the right to an abortion goes to a popular vote, even in conservative states, it wins. People may say they don't want abortion but deep down a lot of them feel like it's private medical business and they shouldn't be interfering. And they're right.

  3. I'm lucky to have a good fixit guy and he lives at the other end of the street. if he can't work me in during the week when he has a big job, he'll fix me up on Saturday.

    all of a sudden Trump and republicans are figuring out that their no abortions stance is killing them in the court of public opinion and votes. now they're all changing their tune to sound more moderate but they're all liars lying to get elected. if a republican gets in the white house and has control they WILL institute a national ban. and really, a phoney bond? they really think they can get away with anything.

  4. Are you back in the southwest full time? Have you left the northwest behind? I think I missed something here.