Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Page, Arizona

We are in Page, at a Home2 Suites by Hilton.  It's a nice hotel, except there is too much scent in the rooms.  It is beyond me why everything has to be covered in some smell not found in nature.  It's making my eyes burn a little.  

The route was to Flagstaff, then off on 89, which is a red road.  There are passing lanes.  There is a 25 mile stretch through the Navajo reservation which is signed as "rough road" and they are not kidding.  However, the scenery more than makes up for it. 

First I would like to address breakfast we got at McDonalds.  Two egg McMuffins and one medium cappucino for $20.  Twenty dollars!!!  When did this happen?  I guess we should have asked for the senior discount.

Here is some scenery.

I took this out of the window on the fourth floor of the hotel.  It's not a great picture, the sun is in the wrong place.  That's the Glen Canyon dam, which created Lake Powell.  It's a hydro-electric dam, it powers much of the south west.

So, one day down, three to go.

Update to post:  Here is the dam in the morning sun.

The hotel was good, with the exception of how much noise the refrigerator made.  There's no off switch, we just lived with it.


  1. I noticed the prices for fast food are similar to Canadian prices. Since our dollar is about 35% less in value than yours, that seemed very high to me. For the breakfast items, I know the prices of eggs has something to do with it, but prices overall have gone up over the past few years.
    Lovely scenery along the way! Safe travels.

  2. I've read other reports on social media about fast food becoming so expensive. I guess that's what happens when you pay people a living wage and corporate greed says big profits cannot be cut. I don't eat that stuff anyway.

  3. I can't believe that fast food bill! That's crazy. Since when is an Egg McMuffin $6.29?!

  4. I find it shocking as well, when I go to a fast food place and it's so expensive now. I think I'm showing my age and sounding more like parents. I remember when.....

    Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Wow, I am glad we are no longer on the road. Egg McMuffins used to be like $2 each, not that long ago. How times have changed. We haven't been doing restaurants at all post-pandemic, and even though our Costco runs cost a bundle, it comes out much better on a per diem basis! Good luck w/your Spokane/Tucson decision. We had a ham radio guy in our previous neighborhood here (pre all our travels), but he lived far enough away that his huge tower was not an issue, plus all the lots were 10+ acres. His tower was huge and permanent, not retractable. Is there any radiation danger being very close to one of these? Probably a stupid question, but it's not something I know anything about. What I do know is they're butt-ugly.