Sunday, April 14, 2024

Health Care and Ukraine

It's warming up.   We're up and out earlier than we really like, but it's getting warm.  We had interesting clouds this morning.  We rode north with a tail wind, and suffered coming back in to the wind.  Leaving early was good.

We've started packing for the return to Spokane.  I'm sort of dreading it.  Somehow all the dentists in Spokane have decided to run monopolistic and predatory practices.  You can't just make an appointment for a cleaning, you have to have an entire lifestyle review; X-rays you don't need, CAT scans you don't want, evaluation of airway and breathing and a comprehensive health evaluation.  Oh yes, and there is a bite analysis, not that people our age would do anything to change our bite.  All of this costs mucho dinero.  Dental practices in Spokane are just the pits.  I only have to go twice a year, so I go in Tucson, but Jim needs more frequent cleaning.  I'm also dreading the yearly physical with the Physician's Assistant, she who doesn't review blood test results, and whose staff is unable to correctly call in prescriptions.  Then there is the substandard dermatology care, which is a big deal for Jim due to his pale British skin.  None of them use enough liquid nitrogen to burn the nasty skin things away.  ENT care is a joke, they book out a year in advance.  I can't have this!  If my ear infects itself, it must be treated ASAP.   Due to these issues, we're thinking about moving back to Tucson.  Yes, I know, global climate change, hotter weather, water, nut bag politicians and all of the negatives.  However, it worries me how terrible medical and dental care is in Eastern Washington.  There is a medical school here, which, I think, elevates the caliber of care due to teaching staff in the area.

We've been looking hard, it's not going well.  Part of this is self inflicted, we want to be in the neighborhood we used to be in.  Plus we want three bedrooms so we have space for the weight equipment, the rowing machine and the spin bike.  Most of the neighborhood is two bedrooms.  There is a house we like, a lot, but this is next door.

See the antenna on the right, closest to the house.  That extends to a height of 25-30 feet.  He's not supposed to do that during hours of daylight, but on the day of an open house he had it up.  No one really looked at the house, just the antenna.  It's a HAM radio antenna.  It's not going anywhere, the HOA approved it thinking it was an FCC protected antenna, but it is not.  They should not have approved it, but the former HOA president was something of an ass hat, and they did.  It's impacting the current owner's ability to sell.  I feel bad for them, they were there first and then the ugly house was built next door with the huge RV garage, and now this.  We're hoping they'll accept less money than we are willing to offer due to this impediment. 

Ukraine is losing the war with Russia, and it's our fault.  If the US had shipped mass armaments at the start, instead of dribbling out equipment, they wouldn't be in this position.  Last night the US shot down Iranian missiles heading for Israel, but we're not providing the same assistance to Ukraine.  I'm infuriated.  Speaker Johnson will not bring the bill forward to allocate help for Ukraine because the Orange Disaster is telling him not to.  This is what they're taking up tomorrow.

This is not satire, it's a real thing.

I saw this on Facebook.  It's funny.  This may be how the locals in Tucson feel right about now.

So this is some of what is occupying my brain these days.


  1. for being so holy Mike Johnson is a lying sack of shit. accusing Biden of undermining Israel and appeasing Iran. who the fuck does he think was shooting down all those rockets and drones? meanwhile Trump has his shadow government sec of state meeting with the leaders of other countries trying to undermine Biden and violating the Logan Act. and still the DOJ just sits there with their thumbs up their butts refusing to arrest him. and these save our appliances bills are just a fucking joke.

    so sorry the medical care in Washington is so horrible. my insurance pays for a cleaning and exam twice a year and xrays once and that's all I get. and what a pain to have moved, done all you have done to the house and now need to move again just to get adequate medical care. I have no trouble getting the care I need but I don't recommend moving to Texas for that reason.

  2. I live in the providing area of Cleveland Clinic, but I'm aware that health care can be miserable elsewhere. Getting a new patient appointment with a CC doctor can be a wait of several months. And the dentist has nothing to do with the clinic and is even worse waiting time. However, eastern WA sounds dire.

  3. Eastern Wa. has never been our fave. We have never been to Tucson . I do get it though- medical shite is tricky in the US ofA. Our neighbors daughter moved permanently to Holland - for health care. She has never looked back. I assume the quality of health care in Tucson is superior- lots of $$$ down yonder. I love your photos of the desert. If you had a pool it would be bliss! Tricky decision especially since time, planet, water are not in your favor. Not in anyone's favor, actually. If you have desert rat skills , you may be alright!
    Arizona's political situation would land me in jail for sure.

  4. Healthcare,'s all about money grabbing

  5. Wow, moving back! A big decision! But you've put so much effort into your place in Spokane?! Would you sell it outright, or keep it just for a couple of months in the summer, and spend most of the year in Tucson?

    The Ukraine situation is so depressing. I think the leaders of the Republican party are basically on Putin's payroll. Did you see JD Vance's column in the New York Times talking about how Ukraine can't possibly win the war? Republicans just want to roll over and give Putin his win. It will be interesting to see how they react when he invades the Baltic states or Moldova.