Saturday, April 20, 2024

Last Ride, Packing and Ukraine Got Funding

After we bought the park model, I had the idea that if Jim died before me, I could go live in the park model.  My interest in running a snow blower, or driving in snow is exactly zero.  Yesterday and today have disabused me of that notion.  Yesterday was brutal, in the 90's.  The R value of 1 park model is hot, even with the air on.  So no, there will be no full time residency in the shoe box.

We were up and out early for the last bike ride of the season.  Today the Tucson Clean and Green people were out doing river bed cleanup.  It's full of trash.  I'm not sure if it's from the homeless camps, or if it gets washed down the flood control channels.  Or maybe it's both, but there is a lot of it.  These are good people to be out doing this.

There were a lot of people out.  There were also food trucks, people playing music and tents for shade by the river.

Jim is defrosting the shed freezer.  It may take more than a day.  The previous owners opened the door, and then left for the summer.  The wood floor in the shed does not like that much water on it.

I feel like all I have done today is walk around in circles and pull stuff out of closets.  The problem with such a small space, is after you pack up stuff, there is no place to put stuff prior to packing the car.  Moves of any size generally require the walking around in circles stage.  This is my new packing paradigm, Space Saver bags.  I bought the Hefty brand, and thus far they are holding a vacuum.  It's amazing how much you can get in there and how small it gets.

These may replace the garbage bag paradigm.  I should have bought more, but I didn't.  Next time, more of these.

We are trying a new route.  Going through Kingman and on to Las Vegas is unpleasant, and out of the way when heading towards Spokane.  So, we're trying the red roads, through Utah.  It's more direct, but will be slower driving.  I think that indicates how much we don't like going to Kingman.  When we had the RV, we drove 89 a fair amount and survived, it should be better in a car.  Except maybe for restroom availability.  I do miss traveling with my own.  Once we leave Flagstaff until we reach I15, it's all red roads, all the time.

The route from 89 to I15 is on UT20.  From the internet we learn the following.

SR-20 begins at I-15, Exit 95, 14 miles (23 km) north of Paragonah, and heads east and southeast through a pass between the Markagunt Plateau and the Tushar Mountains. It ends at an intersection with US-89 at Bear Valley Junction. Trucks are routed from I-15 and US-89 onto SR-20 in preference to SR-9 and SR-14 to avoid steep grades and switchbacks required to cross the Markagunt Plateau. Because of this, SR-20 is included in the National Highway System.[3] SR-20 itself is a difficult route, featuring 7% grades on the approaches to the 7,910-foot (2,410 m) summit, and oversize vehicles are required to have a pilot escort.[1][4]

This should be interesting, if nothing else. 

The wretched speaker of the House finally brought the Ukraine funding fill to a vote, which passed.  Munitions will be flowing very quickly after it's signed, because much is in warehouses on the continent. This should have been done in February.  Johnson said that they'd gotten to it as quickly as they could, but they had been busy.  Yes, busy defeating the bipartisan border bill because the Orange Menace told them to, busy writing bills to protect our appliances, and busy drafting motions to vacate the speaker.

Trump remains in the court room, complaining bitterly of the cold.  Why doesn't he wear a sweater vest under that jacket if he's cold.  He's also sleeping.  Yesterday it came out that as he's nodding off, he's also farting - a lot.  Ewwwwwwwww.  As you no doubt recall, Jenna Ellis got Covid from sitting next to Giuliani when he was doing the same thing.  Apparently orange is not happy with the art that's being generated about him.

It's weird, it seems like we just got here, now we're leaving.



  1. Those space-saver bags look like a great idea. Do you go through Panguitch on your drive back? I still remember stopping there with my family back in 1983, at a place called the Flying M Diner. Last time I looked on Google it was still open, but checking now I see it is defunct. Sad.

    I'm amazed the Republicans managed to pass that aid bill, no thanks to Gaetz, Greene, Boebert et al.

  2. My daughter has purchased the vacuum sealed bags on-line for storing extra bedding. The package hasn't arrived yet but I'm sure she'll find it very useful.
    Safe travels!

  3. trump is showing his age, and his tonsils, apparently:)

    Hope you guys have a safe trip home. I'm not a fan of war, in any form, but I am thankful that Ukraine will be recieving help from the US.

  4. I was surprised to read that you are packing up already but, I guess it's time. It certainly has warmed up quite a bit. I was hoping to not have turn on the AC until May but I might have to do it today.
    Your route north should be a pretty one. That part of Utah is quite beautiful.

  5. I don't think I would like all that packing up and moving every six months.

    perhaps the damn of republican cowering is breaking. this week in court has shown the emperor has no clothes. and apparently holy Mike was shown some intel that scared the pants off him, enough to finally allow the vote on Ukraine aid.

    having to be in the courtroom all day is showing just how old and senile Trump is. he's not used to having to be alert and 'present' until about midday and now there's no spiffing him up for his hour of rant before his adoring audience.

  6. Your trip down does indeed seem like five minutes ago! At least you are not riding your bikes all the way to the north! There is evidence of dementia and trump (duh) fairly well documented.
    By the way, Still cold up here- one day of semi warmth, back to 35 degrees in the evening. It will be warm soon enough and then the fires start..damn- there is no utopia!

  7. My sister-in-law who lives in England swears by those bags. When she visits, she brings gifts in them. She goes home with her purchases in them.