Wednesday, January 25, 2023

HIke, Water, Javelinas

Yesterday it did not reach 50F, it was just too dang cold to ride.  So it was back to the Iris Dewhirst trail.  We're walking faster than we were, so we went farther than we had been.  We turned around at the first water crossing.  The sun was really harsh, it makes the water hard to see.

Look how the bank has been eroded over time. 

A large rock at the water crossing.

A long dead saguaro.

Arizona has javelinas. They look like pigs, but they're peccaries.  They're smelly, near sighted animals.  Dogs are not safe around them, because the javelinas view them as predators and will attack.  Here they are, on the ground off of our deck sunning themselves.

We're sitting around, waiting for it to warm up.  It's inconvenient to ride later in the day, but it's too cold to do otherwise. 

Later... The javelinas stayed in the sun for a good 90 minutes.  One of the grounds keepers came through with a gas powered blower and they took off when they heard it coming.

Holy cats!  It was another cold and windy ride.  We're back to wearing the jackets over arm warmers.  We did go out in to the wind this time, coming back was good.  The trail on the south side of the Rillito River is not being maintained.  There are some big pot holes in the asphalt.  It's painful in places.  Tucson has a large homeless population and many of them have moved on to the bike trails in large numbers.  I think between dodging people and pot holes we're going to move back to riding on low traffic roads, the city paves them occasionally.

That's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. I've heard javelinas are mean, and I'm sure I wouldn't want them around if Olga were with me in Arizona -- but from this far remove they're kind of cute. :)

  2. Those javelins look interesting, though I'm not certain I'd want to be anywhere close to them, dog or no dog.

  3. It's probably still snowing back home, so this trip seems the better choice.

  4. I hate biking when it is windy. Although I would enjoy warmer temps about now.

  5. The geography of your life is ever changing. I'm so impressed by the way you keep moving. Such different lives we lead. I'm inspired by yours.