Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Bikes and Still Chilly

Sunday we rode from the ball fields up towards the new Amazon distribution center.  It's a massive building.  I have no pictures because we took the scenic route there, as well as a tour of an abandoned park, all of which had a screaming tail wind.  As we got near the target, we re-evaluated the wind and decided to turn around.  Good choice.  Next time we won't go the scenic route, or tour the abandoned park, and so will will have enough legs to get there and back.

It was cool, but not as cold as Saturday.  The wind was just exceptional, steady with gusts.  One good thing about a bike with heavy wheels is its stability.  There is no twitching the way a lighter bike does.

We saw an interesting bike rack on a BMW.

There is a two inch receiver with an anti-wobble device.  I believe, although I could be wrong, that this is for carrying two trikes.  It's hard to see, but I think there are two tire holders on one side, and only one on the other side.  It's a Hitch Rider, they make interesting stuff.

Google lens identifies these as classic saguaro cacti.  I don't know what they do, but can attest to the fact that they aren't living.  They're not cell towers, they're disguised as palm trees here.

The Catalina Mountains.

Yesterday was a big shopping, a four store route.  We saw this guy up by Costco. Unfortunately I only got the front of the truck. The back continues on in the same vein.

Interesting clouds out to the south.  See the dark area at the bottom?  It's raining hard out there.

We're sitting around waiting for it to warm up a little.  We will be hiking the Iris Dewhirst trail later.  We don't like it that much, but it's close and difficult.

That's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. You didn't ask the guy in the truck for a coffee to discuss his views? You two really like biking, obviously. Your blog is called retired bicycle:)

  2. the cactus look like cartoons, "Howdy mam". Rain in the distance- dark and thick. Desert needs it , they say. Desert does not care that you drove all that way to get out of shite weather...pretty cold up here but not as cold as Northern Norway.

  3. I like to see swaths of rain darken other skies before they get to mine,

  4. When we go out on a ride, the first question is , where is the wind coming from?
    Tailwind home every time!!

  5. The weather has just been plain weird this year. Certainly not the heat/warmth one would expect in the area you're in.
    That guy needs to get another hobby.

  6. We had a floor lamp shaped like a saguaro cactus, it had three arms, a light on the top of each arm. Don't remember what happened to it. Gave it to our son I think when he moved out.

  7. Those cacti are mysterious indeed. Let us know if you ever learn their real use.