Thursday, April 12, 2018

Windy and Leaving

Well, the weather weasels got the forecast right.  The wind started up at about 8 this morning and has steadily built all day.  The RV, which has air bags instead of jacks, has been very active today.  We’ve had a couple of very impressive dust devils move through the park.  Since it is so steenking windy, we can not open the roof fans to pull hot air off of the ceiling, which is kind of a bummer.  We also can not leave the window awning on the west side out.

A trip to Lowe’s for more insulation was in order.  We bought another roll of Reflectix to cover the west windows and inside of one of the cabinets.  It was good to do that, while we’re gone the window awning has to be in and it will be warm.


Hopefully this will keep the pasta and oatmeal from cooking off in our absence.

Look at this beautiful restoration of a 1961 Impala Super Sport.  It’s just perfect.  We saw it a couple of days ago and were really impressed with the work that went in to it.




Tomorrow is our last day here.  Saturday we’re flying to Charlottesville, NC.  We’ll rent a car, go the the storage room and determine how much stuff requires packing.  Old photos indicate that much of my quilting fabric stash was used as dust covers.  Hopefully I was intelligent enough to keep my fabric boxes.  I do know there is a fair amount of stuff in furniture drawers that will need to come out and be packed.  Given that it’s been ten years since I saw any of it, I have zero memory of how much loose stuff there is.

The worst part of this trip is going to be food.  Freeway hotels have abandoned the idea of restaurants.  They serve a miserable breakfast, but the days of going down for dinner are over.  Room service is also a thing of the past.  Given that we are going to be driving a 20 foot U-Haul truck, pulling in to a parking lot for chow will be hard.  Yesterday we spent several hours on the internet looking at satellite photos of hotel parking lots and looking for restaurants we can walk to.  I think there may be pizza delivery in Abilene. 

Other than this commentary about flying east and driving west, I have really nothing interesting to report. Here is a picture of a dead tree next to the bike trail.



  1. It should be fun to see what you find in storage after 10 years. Safe travels back across the country with it all in tow!

  2. I think you mean Charlotte? Charlottesville is in Virginia. ;-) Safe travels! I expect you'll find some stuff in storage that you want to throw out. Hopefully everything you do want to keep is still in good condition. We've got stuff in storage at my mom's, so we haven't been having to pay any storage fees. Other than in guilt.

    1. Right you are. I constantly confuse the two.

  3. Boy that's going to be weird seeing your stuff after all those years! I wonder how much of it you'll still want when you get it in the new place?!?!?!