Saturday, April 28, 2018

The View From the Driveway

This is what we see, standing in the driveway.  That brown mushroom-y looking object far away is a water tank.  If I had Photoshop I could remove it.  The afternoons are almost like monsoon.  We’re getting big puffy clouds and the humidity goes up – to a whopping 15%.  That is our palm tree.


Tomorrow we are driving to Tempe to go to Ikea.  We were perfectly willing to pay shipping to have the items trucked down here, but the first one is not available online.  I don’t understand why not.  I have 40 photo albums that need to be unboxed.  There are also two boxes of books that need a home.  Then we will have the kitchen floor clear, which will be nice.

The home for the photo albums. 


Short book case.  We used to have many books, but no more.  We did keep a few, but from here on out, we’re electronic.


Progress is being made, albeit very slowly.


  1. Nice views from the house, things are moving along nicely.

  2. I used to have one of those shelving units with the open was a pain to assemble...