Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We Are in Louisiana

Oy!  It has been a couple of days!  Yesterday the storage unit was emptied.  The two guys we hired to load my incredibly heavy furniture could have not been nicer and more professional.  I screwed up and got too long of a truck, but what the hey!  It’s not as bad to park as I thought it would be, so it’s all good.

They finished loading the truck at 10:30, so we decided to launch.  The original plan was to go Wednesday morning, but we had time, so we thought we’d get Atlanta behind us.  I can not tell you how terrible the traffic is in Atlanta.  It’s life destroying, soul sucking traffic.  If I had to live there I would kill myself.  It took 90 minutes to transit the city.


The Atlanta skyline.


We stayed in Lithia Springs which is about 20 miles away from Atlanta.  When we left in the morning, the northbound traffic was already backed up into the city.  It reminds me of San Diego.
When we parked at the hotel, Jim backed the truck around a corner and then into two parking places.  There were a couple of HVAC guys standing by their truck looking at us.  One of them was laughing at me as I gave my customary directions to Jim of “butt left”, “butt right”.  Then the other guy asked me which of the two parking places we were going to put the truck in. I told them we were taking both of them.  Later Jim got a compliment on his backing from one of the guys, and Jim informed them that after backing a 41 foot motorhome, this truck was easy.  They were funny, they hate Atlanta.

Here they are, siting in the truck, drinking beer.


Today we had planned to stay in Vicksburg.  Every single room in the city was booked.  ALL OF THEM due to a corporate conference.  For the life of me I don’t know why anyone would do a conference in Vicksburg.  So there was another 60 miles to get to Monroe, LA.  We got the last room in this hotel. WTH?!?!?! 

Tomorrow we have to transit Dallas.  How long that takes will decide how much further west we can go.  A large rainstorm is on its way to Dallas, so hopefully we can miss most of that.  Other than that, things are moving along.


  1. Atlanta traffic is worse than Seattle's????

    1. Ask anyone who lives there what Atlanta is best known for, and without a doubt, the resounding answer will not be Coca-Cola or CNN, but rather "traffic!!" It's those two major freeways, I-75 and I-85 that converge right through the heart of downtown...along with the fact that everything is classified as either "ITP" or "OTP" it inside the perimeter, or outside the perimeter? You try to avoid crossing over.

      I lived there for 8 years, but thank GOD I worked from home or I couldn't have stood it. It didn't take long to learn to do my grocery shopping at 10:00pm!

  2. We've only driven through Atlanta once and that was way too often. You're right - it is horrible. Good luck with Dallas. We've never driven through that one.

  3. Atlanta traffic is just atrocious! We have made the mistake of flying into there before as it was a cheaper or more convenient flight than CLT. Rental car and then drive to NC from there...never again!