Sunday, April 8, 2018

Another Day, Another Rattler

We were up and out at 8:15 this morning.  It was a good start, but we need to do a little better.  This is why.


April is weird.  There are a lot of temperature swings and a lot of wind.  Quite often May can be almost pleasant, except when it’s not.  I keep wondering if we were crazy to buy a house here, but if not here, then where?  If we hate it, we’ll sell it.  No decision is ever final with me.

We saw yet another rattle snake on the trail this morning.  We also saw four cyclists blocking the entire trail so they could look at it.  They came close to taking out two fast riders with their sudden stop on the trail and then whirling around to go back to the snake.  That’s really terrible behavior on a fairly heavily used trail.  We’ve reached the point of being all blase and stuff about snakes.  Not!

People are so interesting.  The afternoon winds have been really strong for about a week.  There’s been a lot of sand, dust and plastic grocery bags flying through the air.  So we were very surprised to see mobile painters mask off this bus for painting outside.  Who does that?


It seems like a paint booth would be better suited for this purpose. 


My favorite church.  Doesn’t it look like something you would see in Greece?  I love the white against the blue sky.


I scraped this off of Twitter.  The changes in the costs of stuff are just amazing.  The level of housing increase surprises me, I would have though it would be higher, coming from Seattle where they have seen 18% increases.


Tomorrow we have to get the luggage out from under the bus and determine if we have any luggage tags.  I can not believe the cost of luggage tags at Target.  Actually, we can’t believe the cost of just about everything, since we haven’t really bought anything except shoes, boots and food for ten years.


  1. I expect our prices will rise when we finally leave the European Union. If nothing else I bet Brexit will be used as an excuse to increase things. I rue the day that the UK voted to leave.

  2. Looking on the bright side, aren't we glad we don't have to pay for college textbooks or tuition?! Your weather is as crazy as ours here in Florida. One day hot, next day too chilly. Windy most days. It's been mostly chiller than normal since February, which is pretty strange.