Thursday, April 19, 2018

Abilene, Texas

It is just unbelievable how big Texas is.  Fortunately the roads are good.  If we had to endure the Louisiana roads for these distances there would be trouble.  We drove 464 miles on I20 today.  It was enough!  We’re going to do it again tomorrow.  We need to make El Paso.  After leaving Midland there is nothing out there.  Midland is not far enough, so El Paso it is.

There are many wild flowers along I20.  There were tons on Blue Bonnets around Dallas, but none of my pictures turned out.  Here are some nice yellow flowers.


This was somewhere in Texas.  I have nothing to say about this.


There were also many pink flowers.  I have no idea what they are.


It was a long day.  We did find dinner within walking distance, so that was good.  I just discovered I left a pair of shorts in the hotel room we had last night, so that was bad. 

Tomorrow El Paso!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Pink Evening Primrose (Though as kids, we called them "Buttercups.")

  2. Your picture of the feed store gave me a chuckle this morning. But I don't envy you your long days of driving.

  3. You are really moving right along! Hope El Paso's traffic isn't too bad.

  4. The signs are confusing. Does but one Peckerwood feed there, or are there multiple dining Peckerwoods?

    1. I think there are multiple Peckerwoods, particularly in this part of the country.