Sunday, April 15, 2018

Day Two on the Road to Hell

Day One, which was flying to North Carolina, went into the hand basket Friday night   We went out for a really expensive, really terrible dinner.  The phone rang when we got back to the airport hotel.  It was American Airlines calling, telling us our flights had been cancelled, AND that we would instead be in coach, AND that we would have really terrible seat assignments. When we booked our flight we had a really good route.  Hop skip and a jump to Phoenix, and then a non-stop to Charlotte.  It was also first class.  We called American and at least the agent moved us to aisle seats next to each other.  The nice lady on the phone also told us that we hadn’t really had First Class tickets, we’d had an “upfare.”  Upfare is defined as paying more for a ticket and sitting in the first class cabin.  Huh?  Apparently we should not expect a refund of the difference between coach and the upfare we paid.

Anyway, we ended up flying from Tucson to Dallas Fort Worth.  Once in DFW, we went half running down the concourse so we wouldn’t miss our flight.  We needn’t have bothered.  The plane was in a hangar at the airport – not on the gate.  An hour and a half later the plane finally arrived.  It was a very long day.  The pilot kept the power on all the way from DFW to Charlotte, and did make up a little time.  We picked up our rental car and got to the hotel in Fort Mill before it was pitch dark.  Fortunately pizza was available nearby.

This morning we went out to drive to the storage unit.  The car battery was so dead that the remote could not open the door locks.  They sent someone out to jump start it, and we took it back to the airport for a better car.  And no we did not leave the lights on! 

Eventually we did make it to the storage room.  Our plans to empty out the drawers in the dresser and the hi-boy have been thwarted by the fact that they’re in the back left corner of the storage unit and we can’t get to them.  There is an un-moveable piece of furniture between us and them. 


Notice the giant storage rack against the wall.  We really packed this baby to the gills.  I guess Tuesday morning we’ll chuck whatever is left in the drawers into a big box and call it good.  I’m somewhat shocked at how much stuff is in there!


Later it rained – a lot.  Then the wind picked up – a lot.


As we were driving through Gold Hill we kept hearing this noise outside.  We couldn’t figure out what the sound was.  As it turned out it was a tornado warning.  Tornado!  What’s next – a plague of locusts?


I had forgotten how much I do not like this part of the country.  We remember now.


  1. Definitely the trip from hell. Sure hope you can get the stuff moved into the truck. We only kept our storage unit for a year. I was amazed at how much stuff I didn't want any more. Good luck and stay safe.

  2. Doesn't it just figure that a gnarly storm comes along right when you decide to make a trip east??? Sending you good vibes for an uneventful storage unit transition!

  3. Oh definitely had bad luck in your timing. NC has been getting some nasty weather lately. Often April is just gorgeous there, but not this year. So sorry my home state treated you so poorly!