Sunday, April 1, 2018

Marking Time in the Old Pueblo

Late this afternoon I walked the trash over to the dumpster.  Coming back down our street, all I could hear was the droning of air conditioners.  It has warmed up quite a bit.  We’re doing a better job of getting up and out early while it’s still cool. 

We hiked the trail that goes around Little Cat Mountain this morning.  There were high thin clouds which was nice. There was a flower by the side of the trail.


Yesterday we rode up the trail.  It was our second day in a row riding, and my left shoulder and neck were letting me know they aren’t happy with back to back riding.  It’s always a struggle to get the shoulders whipped in to shape after time off the bike.  Anyway, on the way back we saw a bunch of people in the Santa Cruz River.  Being the nosy parker that I am I hollered down and asked them what they were doing.  They were on an eight hour walk around Tucson.  I do hope they were keeping their eyes out for rattlesnakes.  They’re out.


We’re in wait state – we have two weeks before heading to the east, and there is really nothing we can be doing between now and then. 


One of our soon to be neighbors gave us some sage advice about snakes in the yard.  Trim your bushes up high off the ground so you can see what’s under them.  Never put your hands or feet anywhere you can’t see clearly.  Good life advice!

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