Saturday, July 1, 2017

Arriving in Issaquah

It was a dark and gloomy morning.  We accomplished a good departure.  Traffic was really good through Portland, amazingly so. GPS did take us off the highway due to an accident around Salem.  It was a nice drive through the country.  There was another 20 minute delay up the road, but all in all we didn’t suffer too much.

This is Government Island, in the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington.  It’s only accessible by boat.  There were a fair number of people camped on the shore.


Behold Jim’s driving position.  We are really happy with the front end alignment we had done at Country Coach.  The tech’s name is Eric Wolfe.  Most coaches are configured to be absolutely level, his approach is to put in the slightest hint of a lean to off set the crown of the road.  Jim says it is now much easier to drive.  Note the left hand on the arm rest, and the relaxed posture of the right hand.  This is a very different driving experience from before.


Traffic southbound today was just horrific.  Backups went on for miles.  We were so happy to be going in the opposite direction.


We’re in Issaquah.  There is a huge construction project on Front Street.  A good sized chunk of the bike trail has been dug up, and a stretch of the sidewalks on our four mile walking loop are gone.  We were thinking we’d drive the truck over to a store parking lot, but then realized that we can’t get there from here on foot.  It is always something.

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  1. Glad you made it safely but sorry to hear about the bike trail and sidewalk construction. That's annoying!