Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wildlife in the Area

Remember last year?  We were up to our ankles in rabbits.  It was not possible to walk around the RV without stepping in rabbit poop.


We could walk outside and they would not run away.  They appeared very confident in their environment and would stroll across the interior streets very calmly.


We have no rabbits this year.  Apparently the predators didn’t know they were here last summer.  This year bobcats, coyotes and eagles have eaten them all.  I kind of miss them.

We had a lovely ride out in the Carnation Valley yesterday.  It’s a low traffic fairly flat ride that doesn’t jostle Jim too much.  There are chickens on the route.


I think this is a rooster.  But what do I know, I’m a city kid.


Today we drove out to look at a planned community at Snoqualmie Ridge.  We’re still thinking about the exit strategy.  That area would be a big no.  It’s in the foothills, so as bad as the weather can be in Seattle, it’ll be worse there.  The clouds stack up against the mountain and it rains a lot.  There are many children there – I suspect there are not many people our age in the area.  As we learned in North Carolina, in kid friendly areas, the social network revolves around the kids.  So, we would be isolated there.  PLUS it’s so expensive.  A teeny tiny house is about $600,000.  I have no problem with small houses, having spent the last 9 years in some sort of a recreational vehicle, but I do have an issue with paying that much per square foot.

On the way back we drove by the field where the elk live.  Look at the rack on the guy on the left.


It’s so cool to see a herd in such a built up area.


Other than that all I have to report on is the ongoing perfidy and malfeasance in our nation’s capitol, but I am really trying to not go off on a rant.


  1. Too bad about the rabbits. Glad to see Jim is out riding, which means his back must be a little better?

  2. I believe your rabbits have moved to my house.