Sunday, July 9, 2017


Jim started a six day course of Prednisone on Friday.  I was not totally supportive of the idea, having witnessed my father taking it and turning in to a complete and total ogre.  Saturday morning was nothing short of miraculous.  He felt almost normal.  So of course we went out and over did the activity level.

There was a short ride on the mountain bikes.  We were on an unpaved trail that people ride on road bikes.  Then there was a trip to Lowes followed by two trips to Safeway.  It was too much walking.


This morning things were not so good, so much time has been spent on the couch.  We watched two stages of the Tour de France.  People are so interesting.  For years we saw The Devil on the side of the road hollering at the riders and waving his trident.


Now we have this.  I don’t know what to say.


I did the three mile walking route this morning.  There are still enough intact sidewalks to do the circuit.  It is disturbing how many roads are  marked up with spray paint.  It would appear that Issaquah will be a construction zone for several years.  This dog is always out, sitting in the shade.


Other than this, I have nothing to report as we are fairly stationary.

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  1. Thats a nice cycling jersey. The Devil is great, a Tour institution, and we watch out for him every year.