Friday, June 30, 2017

Maintenance is Complete – Yay!

Maintenance is over for the next three months.  It’s just amazing how exhausting sitting around, aimlessly walking or sitting in the truck reading about the latest political atrocity can be.

Hurd’s is in Harrisburg, very near to Air Thai.  It’s the kind of hardware store that is rapidly going extinct in the US, being driven out by the big box stores.


This is even more rare.  It’s a real machine shop in the back of Hurd’s.

IMG_7702 (2)

They have open bins of everything.  You’re not forced to buy a package of screws if you just need one.  I have no idea what these are, but they look very architectural all lined up.


This is a Dayton scale.  When is the last time you saw one of these? I love a good hardware store.


The Junkyard is a local hamburger joint.  They have very irregular hours.  They also have a new addition to their decor, which would be the plane on the roof.


One day we were out at the mall that has the river walk behind it.  We saw this Class A towing a toy hauler trailer. It’s a novel approach to transporting all of your stuff. It does, however, really limit him to where he can stop at night.


The river has piled up a fair amount of debris.


Wednesday was Peterson Caterpillar day.  We had gone in for an oil change, fuel filters and lube the chassis.  We got that done as well as them finding an oil leak.  The valve cover gasket had flattened out and was allowing oil to ooze out.  It wasn’t a big leak, but leaks are bad.  Access is through the floor of the bedroom.  When I snuck in to see how things were going I was very disheartened to see this much grease on the carpet.  I do not EVER want to replace the carpet, too much money, not enough return on investment.  Anyway, the tech came in with a spray bottle of Resolve carpet stain remover, and removed all of the grease.  I was surprised at how well it worked.  We’ll be buying some of that!


Yesterday was alignment day at Country Coach in Junction City.  It’s actually Winnebago, because they bought Country Coach.  We liked the tech a lot, he improved the driving experience on the bus.  We don’t like their driveway, the nose of the bus came within two inches of scraping the asphalt – but no blood, no foul.

While waiting, we drove out through the fields up to Corvallis.  I really like Corvallis, it’s just such a cheerful town.

Are you aware of the latest actions of President Trump’s Presidential Commission on Election Integrity?  Kris Kobach wants the states to send the commission their voter roll data.  Not only do they want names, addresses, and ages; but they also want social security numbers.  Aaaaand they want to make the data public.  WAPO is one of the many outlets covering this issue.
This is Kentucky’s response to the demand for data.


Well said Kentucky.


  1. Hard to imagine a state like Kentucky being a voice of reason in today's "Amurika"! Glad all your maintenance is done and that you can move on. Happy travels!

  2. I love me a good hardware store!