Monday, July 17, 2017

Cycling Washington and France

We didn’t ride this past weekend.  There was a large music festival in Carnation, and since the bridge was still closed, we knew the traffic in Fall City would be unbearable.  So we did stuff like get the dead bugs off the front of the bus, wash windshields, and polish the 3M film and the headlights.  The front of the bus looks much better.

We also refilled the windshield wiper fluid container in the bus.  This is what we saw this morning.  Apparently there is a hole in the bottom of said container.  Caulk will be necessary after it gets through dripping.


The music festival went on for three days.  There were camping options available for attendees.

rei camps

The yurts were across the river.  I’m not really clear on where they found enough level ground to install these things.


Today the bridge was open.  Yay!!!!!!  Life is so much better.  Apparently the county decided to reopen with weight restrictions.  Commercial trucks are forbidden to drive across it.  This guy is about to take down the closed sign.


That’s the foot traffic suspension bridge in the background.  See how steeply the land moves away from the water?  That’s why we’re perplexed about how yurts and other camping sites were available for the weekend.


In 2002 and 2003 Jim and I did fully supported bike tours of the Tour de France.  They’d take us out on the course and leave us to climb something.  As soon as the publicity caravan came through the road was closed and we’d have to stay put and spectate.  We did a LOT of climbing.  We were younger, lighter, and much stronger than we are now.  They were both vacations of a lifetime.  If we ever went back, we’d need electric bikes.  My friend, Greg de Respino has put up an album of pictures from when he was there.  The photos are good, you should check them out.  This is Jim and me somewhere in France.

tour de france

This is Greg and me on the lower slopes of Le Col du Columbiere.  I was not using a digital camera then, so it’s nice to see photos of that trip, mine are all in photo albums in storage.  Thanks Greg!

tour de france 2

Jim’s doing better with the Prednisone.  It still hurts, but he’s not yipping.  His mobility is now much better than it was.


Mike, who runs the park, just came by to ask us not to dump any tanks tonight.  Apparently there is a broken pipe in the sewer system, and things are not good.  I’m pretty happy that we dumped the gray this morning! It is always something.


  1. Whoa....those glamping prices are crazy for that festival!

    Good to see that Jim's doing better...may the good persist!

  2. That's fantastic that you have done all those climbs in France. I bet you could still do them now after some training, maybe not a quick but just using low gears and gradually grind your way up. My friend has just done Mount Ventoux from all sides and she is about 64 ish. |I love cycling in France.

  3. Loved reading about your riding in France. We have NC friends who have ridden those climbs (not sure if they were with a group or not). I would need an electric bike for sure as I am not a great climber. Barry would do fine even at 63 as he climbs like a mountain goat. Glad Jim is feeling better and happy for you both that the bridge is open. Pedal on!