Friday, July 21, 2017

Carmageddon at the Eclipse

A traffic thought for you all.  ODOT is predicting carmageddon during the August 21st eclipse.  An estimated million people are on their way to see the event.

ODOT is staffing up and warning drivers to be prepared to be stuck in their cars for hours during the solar eclipse.

Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Don Hamilton says the eclipse will cause "the biggest traffic event in Oregon history" on August 21.

I guess if you’re going, perhaps go early!  This map shows the path of the eclipse.

path of the eclipse


  1. We will be in the thick of it at Lincoln City, Oregon on 8/21. We checkout right after the eclipse and have to drive about 80 miles north to our next park. I figure that 80 miles could take 3 hours or ? Luckily we are not in any rush.

  2. I heard that Columbia, SC is expecting huge crowds, all hotels full to capacity, etc etc. We'll hopefully be in Florida by now and avoid all the craziness, while still getting to see it pretty well, just not totality. I can live with that to avoid the insanity!