Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yet More Hummingbird Cuteness

Who's tired of hummingbirds?  Nobody?  Good. We sat outside late this morning and watched the defense of the feeder.

There was also resting in the palm tree.

Cue "Flight of the Valkyries."

The bird is just a hoot to watch.  Looks left, looks right.  We are at defcon 1.

Even with surveillance measures in place, we have the cute bird butts.  Have you ever seen anything as cute as a hummingbird's butt?  No, no you have not.

Going back in to defend the feeder homeland.

This morning we watched the hummingbirds.  In the late afternoon there was a drive out among the mine tailings, which I will post in the next few days.  Convalescence is slow and steady, but ultimately boring.


  1. At least the hummingbirds make for some excitement! We love watching them, as do our cats.

  2. Nah, it's not possible to get tired of humming birds!

  3. love me some hummingbird butts! so jealous, but then we have cardinals :)

  4. Great photos, once again. Love the butt shots and your commentary. Keep 'em coming!