Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Las Vegas RV Resort

While in Las Vegas we stayed at the aptly named Las Vegas RV Resort.  It's not a terrible park.  It's located in North Las Vegas, which is a slightly unlovely part of the city.  However, there is security on site, and tall fencing with barbed wire.
It's an old park, designed when RVs were much smaller.  It's also laid out like a rabbit warren.  However, they take you to your site so you don't have to decipher the park map.  If you are in an RV towing a vehicle, do plan on unhooking it.  It is possible to make the corners towing, but it's much more pleasant without the toad.  People in the office are extremely nice and friendly.
Power is good, water pressure is good.  Interior roads and sites are asphalt.  Verizon 4G is ok.  There are trees, but they're either palm trees or the kind with fluffy branches that don't scratch the paint.  Sites are narrow, you'll be very close to the neighbors.  Utilities are pretty far back on the site.  If we had not taken the truck off the RV, we could not have set a sewer.  We had to use the HWH leveling, but the site was not terribly out of level.

There is some noise from Nellis AFB.  We also heard gunshots around midnight.

We're here because of its proximity to the route out of Las Vegas to Phoenix.

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  1. Most of the parks in Vegas have sites that are close together. We usually stay at the Road Runner and it's nothing to write home about but close to our friends.