Friday, November 20, 2015


We now have a hummingbird feeder.  There are many of them in the park.  It's interesting to watch them defend a feeder, denying everyone nourishment - when there are many feeders sitting empty.  They're cranky little birds.
Fun facts from the World of Hummingbirds.  They have the largest brains (as a percentage of body weight) in the bird world.  However their eyes weigh more than their brains.  At flight, their hearts beat 1,250 times a minute.  They're pretty amazing little critters.
These were taken from the inside of the RV.  The camera was not sure what to focus on.

This morning we sat outside and waited for a hummer.  We were rewarded with a visit.

There is a really big hummer in the park, but he doesn't come over here.  He stays two streets over.  I may have to stalk him at some time with the camera.
Now we are off to Camping World for a better patio chair than our current drug store special.


  1. I love the hummingbirds! They are indeed ornery. We used to have at least a dozen feeders in our yard in NC, and at their peak, it was like a busy airport in fast-fast-fast motion out there. I could sit and watch for quite awhile without ever getting bored. Hope you and "the patient" are getting along okay, all things considered.

  2. No hummers here now, they must be all there! nice pics! They are so fun to try and get a good picture of :)

  3. My mother has lots of these feeders at her house (we switched to hummingbird vines here). She complains that a certain "mean one" tries to keep them all to himself. :)