Saturday, November 28, 2015

Even More Hummingbird Cuteness

The level of violence in the RV park continues to escalate.  "Our" hummingbird spends time hanging out in the palm tree.  He's diving on any other hummers that come to the feeder.  This morning three of them were at it for hours; only breaking for food.  Does his beak look blue to you?

Here he is, looking down at the feeder, with a steely eyed glint.

Off to defend the bird feeder.

And now, a big bird stretch and time spent warming up in the sun.

It was cool this morning when we got up - it was 40 degrees.  I gave some thought to microwaving the hummingbird juice, but ultimately was too lazy to get the ladder so I could get the feeder down.
This afternoon Jim and I went to Lowe's to buy a new grill scraper.  We used the store mobility cart, which was good.  Being on crutches is just a bear.  It puts too much weight on the surviving foot, stresses your shoulders and hurts the hands.  The knee cart is better, but it pushes the hard edge of the cast into the shin.  It's always something.  Weight bearing will be much better when it occurs.
Other than this pitiful offering, maties, I have nothing else to report.


  1. More excellent hummingbird photos! My mother always has one male like that who sits awaiting and viciously defends her multiple feeders. We call him "Attila the Hum". :-) If you put up enough feeders, he can't defend them all, so others finally get a chance to drink. But that's a lot to do at an RV park, so you will just have to hope that other folks are feeding too so that everyone gets enough to eat!

    1. There are feeders everywhere. Four are within a very small range from our feeder. There might be more feeders than birds, which is why we are so amused at their aggressiveness. I guess they just can't help themselves.

    2. Nope, it's definitely in their DNA! Glad others are feeding too, though, so everyone gets to feed somewhere. :-)