Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Day in Clouds

This is what we saw this morning in Lone Pine.  There was new snow on Mt. Whitney.

On the way from Lone Pine to Bishop it got cold and windy.

There were some sun breaks.

Here in Bishop, there is more snow in the hills.

We lucked out and the new Blue Ox part arrived about 1:00, so we don't have to drive back down to Lone Pine to pick it up.  Tomorrow we'll install it and I will not have to drive to Reno.  Yay!!!!!!!


  1. Oh good, glad the Blue Ox part came! I know you are relieved. Beautiful photos lately. It must be strange to see all that snow after being in the desert all winter. It is summer here in KC already, at least for a few days -- hit 90 yesterday! I am sure it will become more seasonable very soon -- like tomorrow.