Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Henderson's Lineup - Grants Pass, OR

We're at Henderson's Lineup in Grants Pass, OR.  The front of the RV is parked over the pit.  I can't believe they let us stay in the RV or depart the RV unaccompanied.  When I opened the door I was not expecting to see this; I'm standing over the pit with a gap between the step and the concrete.

Anyway, we're having the shocks replaced, the front end steering tightened up, and rigid inside dual valve extenders installed.  We used to have to put air in the inside duals all the time; since we took the braided valve extenders off air pressure had been constant.  However, it's a pain in the butt to check air pressure without them! So, this will be a good compromise.  Pictures will follow.
It's HOT here.  It hit 90 today and we're on 30 amp so we can only run one air conditioner.  Two would really be better.


  1. We stopped there for an alignment in July 2009 and spent the night on their lot. It was 102 that day.

  2. Man, the West coast has been cooking the past few days! Too bad you are stuck in it!

  3. Hope this new stop solves all the current issues until you get to Eric's ;) My Jim is off to Home Depot to get some Gorilla wood glue, the cupboard door to the wine glasses (and knives) come apart when I tried to open it here in Billings once we landed. If it isn't one thing, it's another ;) It's not like that specific door doesn't get a lot of use :D

  4. Well, that is no doubt the most used door in the bus! BTW it is still in the 90's here at 7Feathers in Canyonville. Font end of the bus is absolutely covered with bugs but all I can wash is the fibreglass, if I get water on that windshield I can kiss it goodbye!