Saturday, May 24, 2014

Corvallis and Oregon State Campus

This morning I was standing on the stairs of the RV, surveying the weather and confirming that no, I did not want to ride in a windy marine push.  That's the problem with wintering in Tucson, the weather is so often good, that a person gets out of the habit of riding in crappy weather.  As I have.  Anyway, this cat came scooting out from under the RV.  He stood and looked at me for a little, and then did the most luxurious roll on the pavement.

We ended up driving north to Albany to visit another Target.  A couple of years ago we replaced all of our TSA locks with locks that all used the same key.  Do you think we can find them?  No.  We don't live in that large of a space - where does stuff go?  Anyway, more locks had to be obtained since we had none.  After Albany we went into Corvallis.  They have done a bang up job of keeping their downtown alive.  There are many cute businesses and restaurants.  People ride their bikes down the middle of the lane, suggesting that the car drivers are nice.

We had lunch here.  If you're in town, eat here.  Good, really good and very reasonably priced.

This is the courthouse.  It's the oldest building in Oregon still performing its original function. It's from 1888.

A Presbyterian church in town.  We were entranced by its round shape.

We headed out to the Oregon State campus.  It is just lovely. Jim spent his first two years of college in Eugene at University of Oregon.  He came here many decades ago for basketball games.  I'm really surprised the building still stands.

Waldo Hall, dating from 1902.

This is Weatherford Residential College.  It appears to be a center for teaching entrepreneurship.

Isn't this a lovely building?

If you can't read the plaque, it says "Coed Cottage."  I guess this is where they put the early women students.

We had a good walk for a couple of hours.  The clouds did clear, so things are better for the weekend campers.


  1. Cute, chubby cat:)

    We visited the area last summer when we were staying in Salem. At 100 degrees we didn't have to worry about bad weather. After riding our bikes all around the U of Oregon, we were very disappointed in Oregon State U.

  2. My daughter went to Oregon State, you should see the place when the rhododenrons are in full bloom, it's amazing! Pretty campus in general.

    Yes, it is mindboggling how things can get lost in such a small home on wheels!

  3. Awww, Corvallis was our hometown for more than thirty years, so of course we are biased about its charm. Glad you enjoyed the vibrant downtown and some of the more better examples of architecture on campus. Funny thing: I was the chef for the girls who lived in Coed Cottage when it was still open in the 80s. It is now offices for the geology department.

    The Vietnamese baguettes are one of our local favorites.

    1. That is so cool that you were chef at the Cottage. We really like Corvallis and the OSU campus. It's a great walking area.