Friday, May 2, 2014

The Ashram - Part Deux

We made the trek to the Ashram this morning.  The last time we attempted it I was three weeks out from the ablation and I just could not complete the hike.  I think I was also still in the period of memory deficits from the anesthesia because I do NOT remember it as being as steep as it is.  It was a slog up the trail.  There was much standing and panting for us flat landers.

After about an hour, you reach the creek; you're pretty much there.

Franklin Wolff and his wife Sherifa started work on the structure in the 1930's.  It took almost 20 years to complete.  They wanted a place for contemplation and spiritualness, and so they built the Ashram. The link in the first paragraph explains the history and how they got the building materials up there.  This is the view out of the front window.

A side view.

There's not much left inside. There is now some graffiti which is sad.  The metal roof is gone.  It needs a little work.

If you look in the middle, just up from the bottom of the picture you can see the building.  It's beautifully sited.

We saw paragliders when we were walking back down.  Those two are very high.  This is a zoomed picture.  The one below gives you some perspective of where they are flying.

The above notch is the notch in the middle of this picture.

The road part of the hike is tedious.  We need a Jeep, then we could drive to the parking lot.

This is one of the horses from horse heaven we walked by yesterday.

The cows are out of their fenced pasture and are moving about the country side.

So - we have bagged the Ashram and the hike is finally completed.


  1. Yay! Nice to conquer something that got you last time. Looks like a neat place. Not only are you in steep terrain, but you're also at pretty darn high elevation! Good job!

  2. Congratulations! Great hike! Love the house. I bet it felt so good to accomplish this.

  3. Love the horse photo. Looks like beautiful area we have yet to explore!

  4. Those cows and horses have it sweet!