Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Riding and the Camera Got Here

Greetings Earthlings! My case of the plague is much improved. My GI tract has made it known, however, that 20 days of antibiotics are enough and I should stop now.
Monday Jamie and I rode up the west side of Gates Pass while the men were out having their own group hammer-fest. Our ride was enjoyable, the men's ride, not so much. See the diagonal mid photo? That's the steep part of the climb. It was cold! We started out at 42 degrees, and we kept all of our layers on for most of the ride.

Tuesday we were actually up earlyish to go ride in the dirt. But no, an early departure was not to be. Jim had to remove a big thorn from his tire. Look at it, it's down by Jim's thumb. Marvel at the size of that thing! Eventually we got a new tube installed, the front brake re-adjusted, and were off.

This is the killer cactus that knocked my foot off the pedal, causing it to get hit and bruised. If you missed the photos, they're here. Look at it, leaning into the trail, being all malevolent and evil. I'm not the first person to run in to it, it's a sad cactus.

The new camera arrived Monday. There will be much reading of the manual. It's complicated. I took this with the new camera tonight, it was sort of a boring sunset, but there you go.

We're supposed to have a cold, windy, wet weekend; courtesy of the storm currently in the GPNW. We would really like them to keep their weather to themselves.

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  1. no sunset is ever boring, they all have their own glory :) glad that you are enjoying the camera, I need to post a few new pics too!