Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paint in Tucson

Today's theme is paint. Thursday we were out at the east side Summit Hut looking for shoes. It's next to an antique mall with flying bison on the roof. They painted them for Valentine's day. The bison change their coats with the season.

Southwest Ambulance is the local transport company. Most of their trucks are the standard white with writing on them. This truck is entirely different; having a camo background with a more military flair.

Those of us in Tucson would appreciate it if the GPNW would quit sending us their weather! Today we're under a high wind advisory, and the temperature is supposed to drop precipitously. We were enjoying our high pressure system, thank you very much!
So, we're pretty much indoors today, there's too much dust and Valley Fever spores in the air.

Later in the day.......
See how dark it is on the horizon? That's dust. The truck is just coated in it.

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