Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Cow Sightings at FI

Today we did a short easy ride out at Fantasy Island. We didn't go yesterday because it was too dang windy. At one point Jim stopped to see if he'd run over a cholla pup. I looked over to my left and there was another cow. It's amazing how much they blend into the environment.

When we left, we headed north on Houghton, which is the eastern border of Fantasy Island. A temporary cow chute has been installed on that side of the park. There were 5 more cows loitering over there. Two things really puzzle us. Where do they get water? And when it's time to leave, how do they find the cows? There's a fair amount of real estate out there. Wonder if we'll see cowboys at some point.

I'm still fairly tired, riding today was slow, but at least I'm out of the Lazy Boy. My butt is getting tired from all the sitting in the chair.

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  1. I caught this silly cold! sneezing like mad, drippy nose, eyes feel like I've been crying for hours. Its supposed to be 50s this weekend and I need to be well so I can ride!

    Good to hear you are feeling better and back in the saddle.