Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Good Day in Tucson

Yesterday Jim and I rode south with Don & Jamie. The route goes through an impressive section of copper mine tailings. There were many very large trucks moving rocks and rubble from one place to another. We're pretty sure the mining is over, so why they're shifting rubble is a mystery to us.

This multicolored "mountain" is actually mine tailings.

Later in the day, Jim and I walked for 40 minutes as part of breaking in my new orthotics. The jury is still out on whether or not my feet are going to adapt to the new really high arch supports. They hurt!
This is a really cool RV from the 80's. It must be stored inside when not in use because it's still really shiny, like when it was new.

An interesting cactus in the park. He appears to have escaped the effects of the recent cold. Many of the cactus look like they're going to die, and many of the palm trees aren't looking so good, either.

Later, we went back over to Don & Jamie's. They have a hummingbird feeder on their back window. This is an Anna's hummingbird. Pretty cool, eh?

Clouds have moved in, hopefully the humidity will come up a little. The dew point has been in single digits for a week. It's tough on the skin.

Yesterday was a good day. Nothing earth shattering, but very nice with a cooperative climate and good friends.

Today's activity will be to acquire a new SD card reader. We bought an Acer netbook at Costco to take to Germany so we can book hotels, offload pictures and maybe even blog a little. It's not seeing the SD card reader. I did live chat with Acer India, downloaded and installed chip set drivers, and it still will not see the card reader. Talked to my friend Kim, who told me to get a new reader, the old ones often will not work with the larger capacity cards. So, that's today's mission. My new camera should arrive Monday, hopefully I'm going to love it a lot.
Is the Acer cute or what?

So, we are moving into equipment acquisition and learning to use it mode. Good luck with this!

Update to post: A new card reader has fixed the problem with the Acer not seeing the SD card. Apparently our old card reader is obsolete. Who knew?


  1. Woot, I not only had the answer, but the right answer ;) the Acer is cute, you will enjoy having that on your trip. I will enjoy reading about your trip :) It looked like a great day in paradise...

  2. Kim, thank you for that! I feel like I should call Acer back and tell them to tell new owners to replace the card reader. But I did get to down load a chip set driver.