Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Arizona Politics

Living in Arizona in the winter causes me to just stand by and be amazed. Twenty percent of Arizona's citizens rely on Medicaid for health care. Think about that. Twenty percent. Pull 5 people out of the grocery store, one of them relies on Medicaid. I think that's a staggering number. Arizona has no real industry, no real means of generating jobs. Besides hospitals and universities, the biggest payroll is Raytheon and the federal government. The big employers have been gone for decades. Jan Brewer, the governor, wants to do away with Medicaid. It's too big of a burden on the state budget. She's already done away with organ transplants, two people on the Medicaid transplant wait list are dead. In a month or two, 280,000 people will be dropped from Medicaid. Soon, she'll do away with everyone else.

It's rumored that one of the state senators, Russel Pearce, would like for Arizona to secede from the Union. Let's think about that. The last state in the lower 48 to join the union wants to leave. The current state government is run by such a group of nutbags, that if I were the President, I'd be saying Vaya con Dios, and oh by the way, we're taking the Davis-Monthan payroll to another state.
Some times I look at America and I just wonder what the hell happened to us.
Ok, end rant. Perhaps I should stop watching the news.

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