Friday, February 25, 2011

A Change in the Climate

After riding today, we dropped Jim's mountain bike off at ABE so the new brakes could be bled.
Is this a cool bike, or what? It's specialized for sand. It's not as heavy as you would think. It's a fully rigid frame, but there's a lot of virtual suspension in those tires with all of that air. One could probably put studs on it for snow.

Spenser was in the shop today as well, being as adorable as he always is.

Still playing with the new camera. This is still life with avocados and yams.

This is the rotten weather coming in from the GPNW. Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and gruesome. Sunday will be cold and possibly rainy. Rain! At least it will settle down the sand at Fantasy Island.

Don & Jamie from Manitoba left today for three weeks. They'll be having an excellent adventure at the other end of the planet. We'll miss them, but look forward to hearing about the trip. Jim and I need to go into serious trip planning mode fairly soon.
Other than that, I have nothing much to report.

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  1. all I can say is keep your weather to yourself :) My sister in Portland was doing the snow dance, so that is part of the reason you will be getting bad weather. It's VERY humid here, we are leaving Conroe (here for square dance), for Mineola, TX (for another square dance next weekend). just going to hang around Mineola... Biggest flea market this weekend at Canton.