Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today it was announced that The Boeing Company got the tanker contract. Yea! It's been an 11 year saga, but it's finally over. You can read all about it on the New York Times. It was actually on the front page of the online version for a little while. We are very pleased for the current employees of TBC.

I'm continuing to learn to use the camera.
This was taken with the telephoto and cropped. It should be enough zoom. If you can't tell, it's part of a palm tree.

This was also taken with the telephoto in the RV. That's my African violet. If you look in the lower left at the leaf that is foreground, you can see how dusty it is. It's hard to get the dust off of the leaves, they're hairy.

Fortunately the camera has a couple of automatic settings, there is program and "intelligent auto" (not to be confused with cameras for dummies). I suspect those will be used quite often. I think I'm keeping it.

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  1. I forgot to bring my manual for my new camera on this quick trip. Using it, but not the special settings because I can't remember anything :P I need to take a class!