Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The past week in Tucson

Greetings Earthlings! Have you missed me? I have not deliberately excluded you from the minutia of daily life; nay, my computer has been at the virus remover. It was just terrible, at one point Don (virus remover) was contemplating a total flatten and reload because it had damaged Windows. He did not have to do that, so that was good. I have since loaded a new anti-virus package and copied mass quantities of pictures, music and documents to external storage. We also have a new Norton system disk and backups. People who write viruses need to be tortured.

And now, back to the minutia.

This was taken at Williams Sonoma, a high zoot kitchen store. It's pie crust mix, just add butter and water. So basically this is a $10 box of flour. But it is nicely packaged....

This is Jim's front tire out on the desert. The True Goo in the tubes kept him from flatting. Our new favorite tool, a pocket comb, removed them nicely.

This is Jim's thumb. Last Wednesday he had a momentary lapse of knowing where his thumb was, reference the hinge on the screen door. I've caught my thumb in it before and it's just unbelievably painful, and I've never broken the skin. So, this was pretty awful. There's a blunt dissection along the edge of the nail.

We did get the tree up - this year we bought some ornaments for it. Cuuuuuuuuute.

Sunday we rode out the Aviation Parkway bike trail. These are C130s that are surplus. There are a lot of them.

Behold the major cuteness of the new curio. It's hard to get a decent picture of it, so ignore the blurriness. The two little carved guys standing on flat rocks are Zuni fetishes. And look - there's room for more.

After a few cold nights, the weather has rebounded to being phenomenal. Highs are in the upper 70's. It was, however, cold last night, particularly since the propane tank emptied itself in the middle of the night. My nose was cold. We had to get up and turn on the electric heater and add blankets.

This is what's happening at the end of Q street. They are redoing the drainage for water. Today was day two of jack hammering the old concrete out. Hopefully that part is done.

The Tucson police department is facing budget shortfalls. Therefore, they are taking officers off of traffic detail. So, if you are in a traffic accident that does not result in bodily damage (yours, not the car) they will not respond. If you are in a traffic accident, make sure you get sufficient pictures to make the case that it was not your fault, unless it was. After the accident, you will have to go and file an accident report yourself.
So, other than Jim coming close to amputating the tip of his thumb, it's been a slow news week.

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  1. I like your curio cabinet. I have a number of turtle fetishes that I treasure. Happy (and healing) holidays to you and your injured spouse!