Friday, December 17, 2010

Paradise Re-established

Thursday Jim washed and treated the roof. He worked like an animal. Right after he finished it, it started raining. His timing was excellent. It rained all night.

Today was cool, but just amazingly bright. The air was clean and everything just sparkled. Your eye adjusts to the increasing haze and dust here when it doesn't rain. Then, when it does, everything is brighter.

We went out towards Gates Pass and the Marriott and rode all the hills out of the saddle. It was a short ride, but tiring. Then we came home and Jim washed (and dried) the entire RV. He's a tired puppy tonight. Tomorrow Marco comes and waxes the RV. Then we'll be sparkly, too.

This is from the Tucson Bicycle Lawyer.

Ajo Bikes lost a case yesterday in Pima County Superior Court in which they were alleged to have failed to properly tighten a rear axle nut on a BMX bike. The rider suffered a concussion and a fractured arm. I am not aware of the full extent of his injuries, but those appear to be the big ones.
After a four-day jury trial, the rider was awarded over $500,000.00.

There weren't any additional details provided. It's hard to know how to feel about this.

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  1. The sky is lovely and clear. The cactus, well, not so much, at least not for me.