Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold and Windy

Yesterday was an extreeeeeeeeeemely frustrating day. It involved dealing with Paypal, really really rude shop keepers, and just in general not being able to accomplish much of anything without jumping through 14 hoops. Part of it was the cold and the wind, which just drives me crazy. The wind and low humidity make my hair get full of static and I swear my scalp gets too tight. Sounding like a nut-bag am I? Today is much better, although I still have to engage Paypal on the phone, I'm going to leave that for a couple of days.
So the seminal event was my desire to have a small curio that I could hang on the kitchen cabinet and put my fetishes and my bear from Quebec in. It's a simple request, they're made in Mexico, surely someone in Tucson would import them. No. We went into one store and asked, and the guy said they got requests for them "all the time" but they did not import them. Let's think about that statement, people are in here with money, wanting to buy a particular item, and you don't stock any. Isn't that the point of retail? Determine what the customer wants, stock it, sell it? Argh. So, after walking up and down 4th Avenue in the cold and the wind, we gave up.
This is a Tiki guy in front of a small restaurant, I think he was rescued from a Putt-putt golf place that went belly up.

We had lunch at the always popular Rincon Market. The pigeons were getting a drink from under the pots.

Then the search continued at the Lost Barrio. No joy there, either. I like the carved saint. The tag says she's from Vietnam, and the 1800s.

So, I googled for the curio. Ebay. Always check Ebay. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's close enough. And hey, there's room for more fetishes. These are Zuni fetishes, in case you're wondering about sex toys in the living room. As soon as I figure out Paypal, this will be mine.

So, a warming trend is on its way, soon we can go outside and be happy.

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