Friday, December 10, 2010

4th Avenue Street Fair

This weekend is the winter 4th Avenue Street Fair. It's a big crafts fair. Some of the vendors have pretty good stuff; others, not so much. Direct TV was also there, I was not aware that satellite TV is a craft, but what do I know. They'll have good weather for it, unlike last year.

This is a performance artist. One gives her money and she dances a little on her platform, she also has a squeaky toy that she would "talk" with. She had to be really hot in all of those clothes.

T shirt we saw on the street. It says "Wifey".

Meat! And fried things. There was a booth dipping zucchini, onion rings and potatoes in batter and deep fat frying it. They were selling all of it like hot cakes.

Nothing says holidays like matching Christmas scrubs.

Jim and I often remark that it has to be difficult selling things you've made. We always feel bad for the vendors who don't have people in their booths. It has to be difficult putting your work out for the universe and no one comes in to look. This young man was playing a steel drum, badly, and singing reggae (really badly), but he was putting it out there. He'll need to keep his day job.

This band was really good. They had six instruments and sang close harmony. We should have bought their CD.

Another fair treat can be seen on the tall skewer. That would be a Tornado Fry. They do a spiral cut on a potato, skewer it, and then boil it in oil. They were pretty popular.

Click on this to enlarge it. Look at the ink. It seems like the ones on the elbow would really have to hurt.

So that was today.

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