Monday, December 27, 2010

After the Holidays

Greetings and post-holiday salutations. I hope you all had the Christmas you desired. Ours was excellent. Jim found a new lamb chop marinade on the web, and the little sheepies were just delightful.

We're engaged in yet another hunt for the perfect bicycle saddle. I rode the Terry Butterfly successfully for years, last summer something changed. It wasn't the saddle, so I can only assume something happened to the shape of my posterior. It's very frustrating. The first replacement, a Fizek Vitesse, held so much promise, but no, it was not to be. Then I ordered this little beauty from Terry thinking that its gel surface might make it the one.

Nope! Not the one. After 35 miles my fanny was on fire. That is going back! She has another one that looks promising. It's wider than the above, but narrower than the Butterfly. Hope springs eternal that something will work. Jim's dexterity with the 5mm allen wrench has returned since he has to change out all of these saddles. It's good to have a mechanic on site.

The Seattle Times has their Pictures of the Year article up. These are two that are really cool.

This is the 787 with Mt. Rainier as a backdrop. It was headed for the Farnborough air show. It is such a pretty airplane. One does wish it would enter revenue service.

The Blue Angels practicing over Lake Washington during Seafair weekend. Notice that the pilot in the background plane is looking at the foreground pilot. Foreground pilot is looking at the plane with the photographer. It's just amazing that people can do this kind of flying.

We are all well, and have very little to report from the desert.

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