Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paradise Interrupted

Yesterday we drove out to to the Mo Udall park and then rode the bikes out to Saguaro East. I love that place. It's just beautiful. It was a gorgeous day for a ride.

When we got home I decided to check Zappos and see if they had the flip flops we wear daily in stock. They did! I ordered up 2 pairs for me and 2 pairs for Jim. I'm not sure if we're reaching hoarder status yet (because there are a few pairs in the bedroom closet), but it's good to have backup. Anyway, they arrived today. Free shipping, free returns. I love that site. They must have a warehouse next to an airport.

Today we went out to Fantasy Island. I did not ride so well, had sort of a nut bag kind of a day. Some days I'm Queen of the Trail, and some days not. We had things to do, places to go, so we bailed a little early to go run errands.

While we were riding, a front started pushing in. Clouds came in, giving us a great sunset. Tonight and tomorrow it's supposed to become much cooler and rain. Feh.

We hope you are all well and are ready for Christmas. We're done, no presents can come in unless something goes out. I think the bedroom closet is now well and truly full.

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  1. That sunset photo is stunning. The red color looks like Christmas!