Sunday, June 16, 2019

Wahweap to Torrey, UT

Today's drive was a drive and a half.  There were many two lane roads and bad surfaces.  After one turns onto UT24 there are some grades that are not signed that were pretty steep.

There is an accessible gas station selling diesel in Panguitch.  Please make a note of this.  We lucked out and the pump island near the road was open.  There is space on the road to wait if that pump needs to empty out.  That's the Silver Eagle gas station.  Note Jim's bare legs and flip flops underneath the door to the RV.  It was 58 degrees there.  After a couple of weeks of really hot days, that felt cold.

We're here, we're sleeping in tomorrow.


  1. Very good info. That route is on my list of places to go. Now tell me how you got a picture of your route posted on the blog. I've always wanted to do that.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog a few days ago. I didn't know that the dark spot on the love birds beak indicated they were young so thanks for that bit of information. I was reading your recent posts and I think you might have been in Camp Verde at the same time my sister Pam and her husband Nathan were. They are full time in an RV. I think they left Camp Verde on June 12th or 13th to head back to Missouri to see their daughter. I loved the way you described the roads around Williams. I think it was three years ago that I took a trip up that way to take the Grand Canyon railroad and I have to say I was appalled at the condition of I40. I can't believe it's still that bad (or worse). Our roads are crumbling.

  3. I once ate at a diner in Panguitch. The Flying V, or something like that. It was 36 years ago so I can't quite remember. :)