Sunday, June 30, 2019

Caldwell to Blue Valley RV Park, Walla Walla WA

The drive from Caldwell to Walla Walla is all interstate 84, except for the last 20 miles or so.  Then one exits for the two lane hinterlands.  They're not bad roads.  Coming in from that direction causes one to drive all the way across Walla Walla with its narrow streets.  GPS likes to do the neighborhood tours, there's probably a better route we could have taken.

It's a hilly drive.  There are quite a few ups and downs and sharp corners.  ODOT has done a good job of signing and warning of what's ahead.

This was taken in Caldwell.  I like it when the low sun illuminates a yellow tree.

Here we are leaving the higher country and heading down the hill toward the Snake River.

Another climb brought us up to where there are trees.

Trees give way to a more austere landscape and signs like this.

It's not that bad of a descent except for they took a lane away.

Looking to the left, you can see the climb out of the valley.  That is a 12 mile climb, it's relentless and best done in the morning.

Then it's back to this.  There is a lot of agriculture, mainly wheat and grapes.

Our friends very kindly fed us a wonderful dinner last night.  This is what we saw on the way home.

We are back the Blue Valley RV Park, which I have previously written about.


  1. Beautiful tree pic. And I love the sunset picture.

  2. Interstate highways notwithstanding, the terrain is much as I remembered it.

  3. Say hello to Walla Walla for us! We had a glorious summer there (in an Airbnb townhouse, pre-RV) and enjoyed so many wonderful bike rides in the rural area south of town. Wheat fields, vineyards, hills, and wind farms. Many wonderful memories!

  4. I love the name Walla Walla, though I've never been there. Thanks for the pictures!

  5. I just love those 6% downgrade signs. In Alaska they don't even mention those. It's only the 10-12% signs you see. Beautiful country. I hope it's not too warm for you. I love love the Boise-Caldwell area. I've driven 84 a couple of times and enjoyed the drive. Hope it gets cooler for you!