Saturday, March 25, 2017

Death of the AHCA

I know, I know, you're all tired of the drama associated with the president's failure to overturn the ACA.  However, if you're at all interested in how it happened, this is an excellent article.  The first few paragraphs are pretty stunning.
Donald Trump had heard enough about policy and process. It was Thursday afternoon and members of the House Freedom Caucus were peppering the president with wonkish concerns about the American Health Care Act—the language that would leave Obamacare’s “essential health benefits” in place, the community rating provision that limited what insurers could charge certain patients, and whether the next two steps of Speaker Paul Ryan’s master plan were even feasible—when Trump decided to cut them off.
"Forget about the little shit," Trump said, according to multiple sources in the room. "Let's focus on the big picture here."
The group of roughly 30 House conservatives, gathered around a mammoth, oval-shaped conference table in the Cabinet Room of the White House, exchanged disapproving looks. Trump wanted to emphasize the political ramifications of the bill's defeat; specifically, he said, it would derail his first-term agenda and imperil his prospects for reelection in 2020. The lawmakers nodded and said they understood. And yet they were disturbed by his dismissiveness. For many of the members, the "little shit" meant the policy details that could make or break their support for the bill—and have far-reaching implications for their constituents and the country.
We are now off to storage get the things we put in there prior to fixing the bus.  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Return to the Bus and the FCC

We're back!  The bus was ready to be picked up at 1:30.  It's a short drive to the RV park, and we plugged into shore power and turned the refrigerator back on.  It's amazing how fast it cooled down.  Since we had a cold refrigerator, we went back to the condo and rescued the remaining food.  They were incredibly nice, and allowed us to delay departure.
The paint looks good, they blended it back towards the rear of the bus.  If you don't look too closely, all the doors appear to be the same color now.

With all of the racket in the news over the repeal of the ACA and Russia-gate, the Senate's recent actions regarding internet privacy have not been sufficiently reported.  The gist of the legislation is this:
The move means Verizon, Comcast or AT&T can continue tracking and sharing people’s browsing and app activity without permission, and it alarmed consumer advocates and Democratic lawmakers. They warned that broadband providers have the widest look into Americans’ online habits, and that without the rules, the companies would have more power to collect data on people and sell sensitive information.
“These were the strongest online privacy rules to date, and this vote is a huge step backwards in consumer protection writ large,” said Dallas Harris, a policy fellow for the consumer group Public Knowledge. “The rules asked that when things were sensitive, an internet service provider asked permission first before collecting. That’s not a lot to ask.”
The full article can be read here.   We're considering signing up for a VPN service, which provides protection against this.  I also think we are done with patient portals for the various doctors' offices.  There is no telling how good their security is.

Since every post needs a picture, here's another attractive church in Tucson.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Progress Stalled on the RV

In a previous post, I expressed my doubts that the RV would be given back to us on Thursday.  And so it was not.  We called about 12:30 and were told that due to the enormous drop in temperature (40 degrees), the paint would not dry fast enough for us to drive it today.  There was an implication that it had been painted.  We went by at 2:30 and lo and behold, it was not painted; nor was the exhaust pipe for the Hydro Hot installed.  We talked to the shop supervisor a bit and he assured us that the pipe and the paint would be done TODAY before anyone went home.  We still can't get the RV back early in the day tomorrow because it's cold.

So, that's very aggravating and we are somewhat aggrieved by this turn of events.

This is a 1957 Thunderbird that they are in the process of restoring.  It will be sold when it's done, estimated sale price will be $35,000.  We would buy it, but you can't tow it wheels down.  

Here is another view of my favorite church.  Notice how the palm trees are being blown by the wind.  It came up this afternoon and was quite strong.

Did you read the interview with the president published in Time magazine?  If you haven't, you should.  CNN did an op-ed about how he's living in a fantasy world.  It's also a good, if disconcerting, piece.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Riding, Progress, Car Crashes

We got a ride in this morning.  We parked at the north end of Fantasy Island and rode north on the Harrison Greenway.  It's a nice trail.  Eventually it will go to the Morris K. Udall park and then connect with other trails.  Unfortunately the trail is closed before the park.

We rode up to where the trail ends to see if we could walk through the construction.  Nope!  The trail has been dug down to the dirt.  It is supposed to re-open in the Fall of 2017.

We went by the collision repair place.  The door has been fabricated, but not hung yet.  They plan to have the door installed, paint and clear coat done by noon tomorrow.  They also have to install the exhaust pipe for the Hydro Hot.  Hopefully they'll complete in time, because we can't have the condo for the weekend.
Their paint guy is offended by the previous body work and paint that was done by the first owner.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.  Look at the bottom stripe on the door in front of the utility bay.  Then look at the stripe on the next forward storage bay door.  They are not the same color.  He's going to do all of that stripe so the color matches.

Finally, today we saw this.  How does this happen?  It's a clear day and this young woman has driven up on to a curb and into the pole.  The half shaft on the other side of the car fell off and is on the sidewalk.  She was sitting in her car, talking on the telephone.  The police will have to come and close the intersection so that the tow truck can get her off the sidewalk. 

If you look carefully inside the car, you can see that the air bags deployed.

So that is all the news from Tucson.