Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kamala for Veep

Joe picked Kamala!  It's interesting that no one calls the orange wombat by his first name, but we  feel like we can call former VP Biden by his first name, because we like him.  He's a real person.

The election is still in danger.  USPS is removing sorting equipment from some post offices.  Mail is piling up.  One poll suggests 75% of Democrats will vote by mail, compared to 12% of Republicans.  I have no way to gauge whether this is true, except to reflect on how many times the wombat has said vote by mail is corrupt, and how many times that lie has been echoed by Fox propaganda.  You know what to do.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Baby Bird

Up and out early - hotter than blazes.  I'll be glad when it's Halloween, which is when it will stop being this hot.  The virus will always be with us, but at least we'll be able to not get up at oh:dark:thirty and will be able to walk about mid-day.

So, while sitting at the table reading my daily dose of perfidy and malfeasance, I noticed a bird perched on the side of a palm tree.  He was vibrating his wings and complaining non-stop.  It's a baby Oriole.  All of these were taken through the sliding glass door because I did not want to scare him or the parent(s) who were bringing him food.  He looks kind of young to be out of the nest.

Shortly after I took these, he disappeared from the side of the tree.  I still hear him, but am afraid he's on the ground.  There are many other animals that will eat him.  Nature is so harsh.

If you have some free time, please call Representative Connolly and ask him what the hell congress is going to do about the Post Office.  

Last night we had a pink cloud.

That's it - that's all I've got.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Nature and Traitorous Conduct

At exactly 6:48 pm last night (according to the cable system) the sun reached the low level that back lights the trees in the desert and in the yard.  It's really cool, everything glows.  The cell phone was the closest recording device, so out I went into the yard.  One must move quickly, it's over in the twinkling of an eye.

The bougainvillea has started another blooming cycle, you can see little bracts farther away from the camera.

 Then there was sunset which was pretty good.

At present, the orange wombat is standing up in front of a friendly audience at his golf club telling lies.  He's repeating himself.  He's lying about the stimulus bill requiring the release from prisons of dangerous felons.  So far he has said this about four times.  CNN cut away, MSNBC is still televising it.  I wish the networks, especially Fox, would cover these horror shows until the bitter end so people could see his level of derangement for themselves.  As it is, it's not widely broadcast that he's a complete and total wing nut.  He just said that if he's re-elected he's going to terminate the payroll tax, that would be the source of funding for Social Security.

So, speaking of the wombat, yesterday he announced at his golf club that he would be signing an executive order requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.  This is already a provision of Obama care, that would be the law he's trying to get overturned in the Supreme Court which would deny millions of Americans health care insurance.

Yesterday US intel was released that identified Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson and Charles Grassley as foreign agents for Russia.  They are actively involved in obtaining false information from Ukrainian agents about the Bidens.  They haven't registered as foreign agents but they should.  Everything those three men are trying to lay at Biden's feet was debunked in the House impeachment trial.  But they just will not give it up.  Remember what Fiona Hill said in her opening statement to the House?
Based on questions and statements I have heard, some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country—and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, Ukraine did. This is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves.
The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions in 2016. This is the public conclusion of our intelligence agencies, confirmed in bipartisan Congressional reports. It is beyond dispute, even if some of the underlying details must remain classified.
This is still going on today, and it's not getting the attention it deserves.  The public has a right to know exactly how the Russians are spreading disinformation, and the data is not forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the orange wombat and his minions are trying to think of ways to interfere with the voting process.  Now that Postmaster DeJoy has executed his Friday night massacre of the current management of USPS, he is uniquely positioned to order postal workers not to process or deliver ballots. It's being suggested.  The other thing under consideration is stationing federal troops at polling places.  The wombat seems to think Article II of the constitution gives him unlimited power and reach into every aspect of government.  One of the articles about mail interference is here.

The other action taken by DeJoy, is to raise the cost of mailing ballots from the bulk rate of 22 cents, that has been levied in the past; but instead will require first class postage of 55 cents.  States' budgets have already taken a beating, this is a ridiculous thing to add on top.

Back to the wombat's presser at his golf club.  Wombat once again took credit for the Veteran's Choice bill that was passed under the Obama administration in 2014.  Finally, Paula Reid (CBS) called him out on it as a false statement.  The wombat ran for the hills without taking anymore questions.  What was signed in 2018 was an expansion of the existing bill, but in the mangled mind of the wombat, he's taking full credit for all of it. If you want to see it, go here.

These are perilous times.  The possibility that our government will fall is real.  He has so corrupted the entire government, he could steal the election.

Update to the post so far:  Everything the wombat said and signed was pretty much a lie.  WAPO has the facts here.

And finally, a link I do not want to lose.

Task and Purpose did an article about the first female Coast Guard rescue swimmer.  It's a grueling qualification, and many men do not succeed.  Once she made swimmer, she was subjected to sexual and physical harassment for her entire twenty year career.  Her supervisor would slap her on the butt and tell her to report to his office, where he expected to find her flat on her back.  She was given work assignments that are for two people, but she would be alone.  She and her crew were instrumental in rescuing people during Hurricane Katrina.  They would stand on the roof of houses with an axe, cutting people out.  After it was over, the team signed an axe as a momento.  Her supervisor removed her name from the handle.  All of this was happening while the Coast Guard trotted her out for photos and awards.  Her name is Sara Faulkner, you should read her story which is here.  One wonders what the heck is up with men in the services.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hot, Humid and etc. - Updated With Humor

How are things?  Things are hot, humid and dry here.  The clouds are nice, but we would rather have rain.

 I can't seem to take a decent picture of this plant with my phone, Jim's phone, my big camera or my little camera.  It repels photons somehow.  I took this 48 hours after the photo in the previous post, you can see how much it bloomed in a short period of time.

We had a lot of birds visit us this morning.  I'm not sure what they're pecking at, but they're active.  I took water out to them, but they all flew away and hid.  Silly birds.  Hopefully they came back for a drink.  That is a Gambel's quail.  They don't make the bob white sound, they sort of hoot.

The orange wombat went to Ohio today.  Governor DeWine was to have greeted him at the airport, but sadly he has tested positive.  One can only hope that things don't go badly for him.  So the orange guy spoke to his tens of followers outside Air Force One, during which he was heard to say that VP Biden is "against God."  If you'd like to hear him spewing the bat shit crazy, the link to the video is here. He really did sound exceptionally deranged today.

Yesterday Jim and I went to Safeway.  The fraying of the grocery store supply chain was evident.  There are many holes in the shelves all through out the store. NBC talked about it last night, and it's still too many sick workers in the packing plants as well as increased demand.  People don't eat out nearly as much as they used to, so there is more demand.  The restaurant side of the supply chain has not yet been able to retool so they can deliver to retail distribution centers.  It's a major undertaking.

Have you done the 2020 census yet?  If not, get thee to the website.

Update to post:  Christopher David, the guy whose hand was broken in Portland by baton wielding law enforcement after he reminded him of the oath they had taken, posted this.  It's funny.

OK, now I'm done, I have to restart to get a new version of Microsoft 10.  May the force be with me.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Fire, Flowers, Invasive Plants

Southern California is on fire again.  On NBC last night they were talking about evacuations.  I just don't know how they keep going back and doing it all over again.  Anyway, our sunset was very red due to smoke from their fires.  Pretty dang eerie.

Up and out again early today for the hot ride over hill and dale.  My bougainvillea has been worrying me lately because it was not blooming in its normal riotous fashion.  Apparently they have bloom cycles, and now we are entering in to a bloom period.  I fed it yesterday, so hopefully he's happy.

Our Blue Sage is blooming.  We planted him about 18 months ago, but this is the first bloom.  Every one in the neighborhood has burst into flower since the rain.

There was a weather alert this afternoon for dangerous thunderstorms, 50 mph winds moving from the north to the south.  We checked weather radar, which clearly showed it moving north.  Hail was also in the forecast which we didn't get.  The thunder was good, but the rain was mediocre.  More doves on the flower spike.

This is what's in the Republican bill to help Americans in financial distress.

This is McConnell trying to blame the democrats for not signing off on the bill as it stands.

Ted Cruz has been on twitter today spouting his usual inane stuff.  Today it was "people with blue checks are afraid of pick-up trucks."  I know - right?  He has a blue check.  Anyway someone put this up, which I thought was funny.

Here is another obituary with a message.  Too bad no one in the Republican Party is reading them.

As if things weren't bad enough, what with global climate change, the plague, and murder hornets in Washington state, there is Knotweed.  It's an invasive, brought from Japan with the best of intentions, and it's practically impossible to control.  In Japan, there is an aphid which keeps it in check.  It's all over the UK and now it is here.  It's in New York City.  It likes moist soil, once it takes hold everything else dies because no sun can reach the ground. It spreads by underground runners, or even little pieces of runners.  It's bad. You can read all about it here.

So there you go.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Wildlife and Clouds

I went out last night about 7:30 because the clouds were looking good.  In the corner of my eye I caught motion.  There were javelinas across the street.  See the baby to the left of the saguaro?

This guy came out later and stood there for awhile.

There were some nice clouds.  No rain, however.  New Mexico is still getting it all.

A small bird on the new flower spike.

Several doves on the old flower spike.  They're going to miss that when it goes over.  Note the clouds in the background.  They're driving up the humidity while not providing water.

More clouds......... later.

This came from twitter.  It's an excellent obituary.

Reviews on the new phone are mixed.  I used to have 10 buttons on my HTC home screen that went to my top ten websites.  I really miss that, so easy to navigate.  Now I have to type in the website name, or say it to the search box.  What is particularly irritating is Bixby.  It's Samsung's failed attempt to compete with Google Assistant.  You can not delete it.  The phone wouldn't let me turn it off for two days until I updated the app - that I don't want.  Being the luddite that I am, I do not need no steeenking phone or computer based assistants.