Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's cold!  I got up early (for me) to put the feeder out for the hummingbirds, and the thermometer was showing 33.  There should be a snowbird rebate for this weather.  It's also been windy, as demonstrated by the wind sock across the way.

Jim had physical therapy yesterday afternoon, so I walked in the park.  It was still cold in the afternoon.  I saw this bird sitting on the finial of a lamp.  It's not a great picture, due to zooming and cropping.  He was positively glowing when the sun hit his feathers.  Who can identify him?

Even in these cold climates, we have flamingos.  It always amazes me what people are willing to carry around in a space constrained vehicle.

Jim is making progress,  but walking normally is being hampered by a scar tissue build up at the base of the incision.  Surgeons irritate the living snot out of me because they don't seem to consider scar placement when they are cutting.  The base of the incision is well below the tendon rupture, so I wonder why he cut down so far.  Anyway, there is a lump and the shoe rubs against it, and it's impeding walking.  Probability is high that it will resolve eventually, but it hasn't yet. 

Currently we are watching a phenomenon that occurs frequently in RV parks.  There is a couple in a teeny tiny travel trailer, and they are hooked up to their tow vehicle and ready to leave.  However, they've been way laid by a chatty RVer from Texas.  We see this all the time, the chatty ones descend on people when they are un-hitching or hitching to leave.  When we had the 5th wheel we had a policy of no talking when putting the trailer on the truck, and we enforced it.  The consequences of error were too grave to risk it.  Anyway, the trailer people were up and out attempting an early departure, but now they are delayed by being polite to strangers.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Gym, Food and Weather

Friday we had a somewhat decent sunset.  This has been the winter of the puny sunset.

Yesterday I went to a one hour orientation at LA Fitness.  I was expecting to walk through the gym and have the equipment names given to me and find out where the locker room was.  No, no.  It ended up being a 30 minute leg workout.  Today I am crippled.  Can't wait for the push and pull upper body workouts.  It'll all be broken.  We signed up for personal training - it's faster than figuring it out ourselves.

We went to the Rillito Downs farmers's market this morning with Don and Jamie.  They have really enlarged the number of stands over the last time we were there.  We got eggs from chickens who live in Wilcox out on the farm, squash and sprouts.  Next time I think we'll take a cold bag and ice.  There is a guy there with salmon from Alaska (frozen) and there are free range chickens (also frozen).  I'm going to be interested to see if the free range eggs are different from the factory farmed ones.  Perhaps there will be a blind taste test.  No wait, I can't cook them with my eyes closed.

Part of the covered arcade.

Pickles, marmalades, and sauces.  She had a really nice display of merchandise.

There is always a food truck.

These people were handing out leaflets about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  I personally think the TPP will be the final nail in the American coffin.  I do not understand the level of support for this trade agreement.  Elizabeth Warren is against this.  I wish she would run for president, I like her.  Ok, end politics.

Now we're under a high wind warning.  It's been building all afternoon and it is now just hooting.  It's been pushing the bus around and rattling the slide toppers.  The next couple of days will be wet and not very warm.  Poor us.  Still better than the mid west.

And look - another nice sunset.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Jim is Wearing Two Shoes

Greetings Earthlings!  Long time, no post.  Jim has transitioned out of the boot.  Here we have the indoor boot and the outdoor boot.  We saw the surgeon Wednesday, he was his usual laconic self.  He said Jim could transition out of the boot over the next one day to three weeks.  We got home and Jim put on his other shoe - transition done!  The down side of the visit was the surgeon telling us no road bike until May. Apparently it's not the stress of pedaling, but the possible disaster of having to put the foot down hard in a crash.  So, there is no biking for him. 

 We've talked about getting a recumbent trike (difficult to fall off), but it would have to live outside.  Our neighbors to the north are once again scaling the fences and stealing bikes, so one wonders how long until it would be gone.  They're actually quite expensive.  I think we'll probably troll a few pawn shops and maybe the Tanque Verde swap meet; maybe we'll find something cheap.

Here is Jim hugging Don the day after the boot came off.  We were out on Jims' first walk.

Don is quite the accomplished wood worker.  He made this for me in the wood shop.  It's spalted maple and it is just lovely. 

Today we had an outing.  We drove by this ghost bike.  It's not a great picture, moving car and shooting into the sun, but you can see how his family still tends to his memorial.  The gentleman killed here was on his way to work a couple of years ago.

We went over to Lazy Days to look at RVs.  It was good walking for Jim, with a few stairs thrown in. Jim is pointing at an Entegra Anthem.  It's about a half million dollars.  For that sum of money you get a huge bathroom.  What you do not get is very much storage, anywhere to put groceries, and decent furniture.  The couches are just intolerably uncomfortable.  It's really depressing.  One wonders how long we can drive our current RV, and I have to tell you we are not seeing anything out there that approaches the amount of storage we currently have.  Despite our home's idiosyncracies, it's still better than what we're seeing on the market.  I do not understand the current need for a gigantic full bath in the back, and a mid-ship half bath.  How much time are we spending in the bathroom?  I'd rather have that space for storage and living.

They're very tall and slightly sinister looking from the back.

We've signed up for a few months at LA Fitness.  Jim can treadmill and stationary bike and I can stair master and we can both lift some weights.  I'm riding some, there was a group ride today of about 24 miles.  I'm so out of shape, it's just sad.  It's not just the lack of quads, it's all the supporting structure that one loses, like the back and the triceps and all of that.  Jim's return to riding will be way worse when the day comes.
That's what's happening in the Old Pueblo for us.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday morning we spent a couple of hours watching the Weather Channel.  That was the most amazing storm.  I used to live in northern Virginia, and ANY snow would completely shut down the area.  I can't imagine how long it's going to take for them to recover from this.  One of the things that would happen in the neighborhoods was that the driveway would be shoveled by the homeowner, and then the plow would come through and pile up all the snow back into the base of the driveway.  It was very aggravating.  I hated shoveling snow.

Fortunately we are here, and not there.  Yesterday Tucson was in to the low 80's.  It was just a glorious day.  Jim got my bike out for me and pumped the tires.  It's good to have my soigneur back on duty.

I did a short climbing ride with Jim in the area with the truck.  It's good to have a mobile soigneur if there is a flat tire.

Out on McCain Loop.  It's a very pleasant ride, it's a beautiful part of the Tucson Mountain Park.

Other than some short rides, I have zippity doo-dah to report.  It's going to take forever to get back in shape.  Any time the road points up, the mph start dropping.
Jim and I have been flirting with the edge of the Slough of Despond.   The inactivity is driving us nuts.  Then we see RVs with new wheel chair ramps,  people who have had strokes and we remind ourselves that it could be so much worse and that we should just buck up.