Thursday, September 8, 2016

We Are in Ashland

We left Seattle yesterday.  It was time to be gone.  Last night we stayed at Armitage Park in Eugene.  If you want to spend a weekend there during college football season, you'll need to consult the Ducks' schedule and plan to be there when they're away.  The campground host says the park is FULL when they're at home.  See this trailer?  See the yellow and green flag, and the table cloths and the yellow whirligigs on the front of the trailer?  See the duck head on the propane tank cover?  These are Duck fans.  I have never seen so much college team paraphernalia as I have for the Ducks.  It's everywhere in Oregon. 

Today's drive started out with fog.  It persisted for several hours.

This was interesting.  It's a concrete pumper.  There are two guys standing on the hill below the gray section spraying the hillside.

This was taken at a rest stop.  We're wondering where they've been, the front of the RV is covered in clear plastic sticky tape.  Some people do that when they go to Alaska to protect the paint.  His wind shield looks good, so who knows.

This is boat trailer and a boat on the roof of the truck.

Somehow this boat is launched off the roof of the truck.  I would like to see that done.  That outboard engine is heavy.

We're at Emigrant Lake in Ashland (Oregon) for a few days.  Friday and Saturday are forecast to be in the mid 90s.  Who knew it would be so hot in September?  By Sunday it's back into the 80's which will be good.  It's very dry.  I think Ashland is participating in the California drought.

The lake is extremely low.  The RV sites below the hill from where we are used to be waterfront.  Now it's a hike to the lake.

Why are we here?  Every single time we have been anywhere near Crater Lake it's been snowing.  So we decided we would come down in September when it is not snowing.  We're within day trip distance of the lake, so we are going!


  1. Too bad about the high temps and low lake water. I really thought it would be cooler by now. At least you should be able to hike at Crater Lake without snow this time!

  2. Yay, so glad you are going to Crater Lake! We went in September 2014, I am pretty sure, and it was perfect. No snow.

  3. Since Emigrant Lake is used for irrigation it is always low in the fall. Too bad you are a little early for the fall colors in Lithia Park. I bet Crater Lake area will be perfect temps for your day trip.

  4. Lisa, thanks for the info on the lake level, it is REALLY low, not surprising, given how hot and dry it has been here lately. And you are right, the weather at Crater Lake was perfect yesterday.