Friday, September 2, 2016

Bike, Walk, Heart and Rain

Monday was the last really good day of summer. The marine push cleared early and we took the road bikes out to the Carnation Valley.  It was a good ride.  This is one of the many herds of cows that are out there.  It was really weird, there were a number of crows riding the thermals over the cows.  At first we thought they were vultures circling something dead, but it was crows flying in circles.

This is the always lovely Sikes Lake. There were geese at the far end, but the camera could not see them.

Tuesday was an aggravating day.  I woke up with my heart out of normal sinus rhythm, for the first time since April of 2013. It was very weird, I could feel it wriggling, with no good rhythm.  Over time, it felt like one atrium was getting more regular, while the other atrium continued to be irregular.  After about 30 minutes, normal sinus re-established itself.  One of the things I would really like to know is how long it takes to start forming clots when one is out of NSR.  That would be news one could use.  Anyway, we took the mountain bikes up the trail again, but it was gloomy and over cast and I was in a really crappy mood from that morning and I was mean to Jim.  So all in all, Tuesday was a crappy day.

Wednesday we set new personal bests on the three mile walk.  Jim has shown much improvement in leg speed and stamina.  I had my last PT appointment.  It's interesting that everything he wants me to do for the SI joint makes my shoulder seize up.  It's always something.

It rained last night, there were periods of heavy rain.  This morning we had to put duct tape on the hole in one of the clearance lights.  It's high up on the nose of the coach, chock full of water, and we're afraid it'll leak in to the RV and fry the TV and all of the electronics.  Do you think you can just go out and buy a new clearance light?  Noooooooooooo.  Camping World here and in Eugene doesn't have them in stock, and there are none in the warehouse.  We ordered a couple from Amazon and bought one at an auto parts store.  Hopefully something will be the appropriate size and depth.  We're going to ask Elite to replace it, nobody here enjoys being that high on the ladder.

There was also time spent with the shop vac extracting water out of the storage bay on the driver's side slide.  This used to just set our hair on fire, but now we are much more calm about it.  Everything in there is in plastic, and so far there has been no mold or mildew.  So we just unload the bay, vacuum out the majority of the water and then put a fan on it.  It'll rain again tonight, so we'll be doing this again tomorrow.   It's so odd, this only happens here.  It doesn't happen when we're driving in the rain, and it doesn't happen in Tucson.  Perhaps the universe is sending us a message.

Today's Vuelta a Espana was interesting.  The peloton let a break away go, and they got 33 minutes on the main group.  There were no danger-men in the break so it didn't matter.  The GC guys are resting up for the horror that will be tomorrow's stage.

We have five more sleeps here, and then we're leaving. 


  1. To have the heart rhythm thing again would be aggravating. I can totally understand/empathize with the downward turn in mood. Hopefully it was just a one time thing.

  2. Ugh on the heart rhythm thing; interesting from your past experience that you can actually tell what is going on with it, but that must be disconcerting. Sorry to hear of the continued leakage. We've been pretty lucky with that; plenty of other niggling coach problems, of course, but no leakage that we are aware of, after Barry fixed the one above the driver's seat awhile back. Good luck in your travels!

  3. I know you must have been upset about the abnormal heart rhythm. Very scary and depressing. Jim says if you have to get back on a blood thinner, Eliquis is the best choice, but I know you don't want to even think about that.
    We haven't been watching the Vuelta but may have to try and see today's stage if we can find it.