Friday, September 23, 2016

Peterson Caterpillar

We had the bus in for service at Peterson Caterpillar in Eugene.  There was an oil leak to be diagnosed and we wanted all of the coolant hoses replaced.  It's a good shop.  We were very impressed with the level of draping the interior.  Also impressive was the fact that they paid attention to us when we said you MUST open the driver side bedroom slide first, so you can tell if any of the drawers behind the the other slide have crept out.  If they're out, the passenger side slide will rip out the drawers.  Bad, would be so bad.

We had a failure to communicate on all of the hoses being replaced.  They replaced the one hose that was about to rupture.  Look at what a nice job they did padding it where it rests against sharp edges.

The other two hoses are fine, they're actually not original to the bus as we originally believed.  We'll get them done in June when we're back for the annual oil change.

This a picture of the top of the engine compartment.  Note that it says 34 QTS.  Not 36, not 38; 34.  Cummins NW has been overfilling the oil for the past two years.  The extra oil has been departing via the breather and then running down the engine.  I can not tell you how much this irritates the living snot out of me.  FIRST they over filled it, THEN they did not diagnose it as coming out of the breather.  THUS we had to remove everything from the closet, all of the bedding and move out and pay for a hotel room and suffer much emotional damage.  OK, not so much emotional damage, but some severe aggravation.  The closet has to be emptied to provide engine access.

We're done with Cummins.  We'll be returning to Peterson for future fluid changes.

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