Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hike to the Slick Rock Falls

Yesterday we stopped in the Joseph Visitor's Center and talked to the nice man at the desk.  One of the things he told us we should do was hike out to Slick Rock Falls.  One sees the falls, along with a massive wall of rock. So, today, that is where we went.  The trail to the falls runs along side of the Hurricane Creek.  While the water levels are low at the moment, it must be a sight to see during snow melt.  The creek is full of dead trees and rocks.  There are giant tributaries heading for the creek as well, the piles of rock and debris carried downhill are huge.
This is an avalanche chute.  There was a fire at one point.  Now the snow runs down this path and knocks down the trees.

It's fall, the yellow trees are stunning in their glory.

Here we are at the falls.  There was too much sun to get decent pictures, the light was really harsh.  The water is running diagonally through the middle of the photo.

Jim crossing the water at the base of the falls.

Looking back up at the falls.  The granite face is also impressive - it's tall and it's massive.

Heading back down.

One of the meadows the trail goes through, there are three.

The trail is part of the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  The Eagle Cap Wilderness is characterized by high alpine lakes and meadows, bare granite peaks and ridges, and U-shaped glaciated valleys.  It's a stunning area.  We're really glad we're here.  A light dusting of snow on the peaks would be nice, but certainly can not complain about the scenery.


  1. So glad you're having nice weather and enjoying yourselves so far. Would like to go back and spend more time, it's such a lovely area!

  2. How gorgeous! Just the kind of place we would enjoy too. Glad you got to have a nice hike. Looks like Jim's Achilles is doing pretty well!