Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hell's Canyon Overlook and a Hike

We went back out to see the Hell's Canyon Overlook and the hike to the Blue Hole.  One accesses these sights via a forest service (paved!) road that is also open range.  We saw this big cow on the road.  Later, we saw a well camouflaged buff colored small cow.  He/she elected to leap into the road and run across in front of us.  Dumber than deer....

We went to the overlook first.  It is so spectacular, I wish I had a better camera.  Hell's Canyon is impressive.

Then it was off to the trail head to go see the salmon spawning.  When we were at the visitor's center, the guy at the desk told us that there would be a lot of fish.  Allegedly, they return from Ketchikan after a three year journey.  There were no fish.  I'm not sure if they're being held by the weir at the hatchery, or if it's too early/too late in the season, or if he was just jerking the tourists around.
It was not a great hike.  Much of it went through bushes on yet another trail full of loose dust that ruined yet another pair of socks.  It was surprisingly hot, as well.  Wah, call me a wahmbulance.

We reached the area known as the Blue Hole.  There was no light on it, so it was black.  Quel dommage. 

Here is Jim after climbing up on the giant rock outcropping.

Here we can see the rapids.

We tip toed out to the edge of a ledge so we could see the log jam.

Farther back down the creek.  This is where we would expect to see spawning.  The water is calm and there is gravel to hold the eggs.

The ranger said this was a beaver dam.  There was a downed log across the water and a bunch of other debris forming a pool in the trail.

We got about 4.5 miles on our feet so that was good. 
As beautiful as the woods are around here, I am more enchanted by the flat, agricultural areas of the valley.  The wheat fields go on forever.  It's like being on a different planet after spending time in cities.

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  1. I love those fields too. We are in Missouri now and seeing much of the same. Most people probably think they are boring, but I love the big sky and wide views -- and after living in the east most of my life, being able to see the horizon (other than at the coast) is still a novelty!